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S.I. Distributing Releases Affordable MagnoJet Ceramic Spray Nozzles

S.I. Distributing Inc. has introduced a full line of the MagnoJet ceramic spray nozzles at affordable prices. They are constructed of the highest quality 99 percent alumina ceramic that outlasts stainless steel by 15 times and plastic by 5 times.

Art’s Way offers two new high performance portable Rollermill Mixers for the beef industry

Achieve supreme feed quality for your beef production with two new high performance portable Cattle Maxx Rollermill Mixers from Art’s Way, the 105-bushel model 6105 and 165-bushel model 6530.Rollermills and Grinder Mixers are core products for us,” said Brian Crouch, Director of Sales and Marketing of Art’s Way. “We have worked hard to ensure the two new Cattle Maxx models operate efficiently and produce superior rolled feed, delivered in the consistent, quality ration mix that beef operations...

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They can withstand the wind and snow of the north, and the heat and rain of the south. Steel surfaced buildings are one of the most versatile outbuildings that a farmer or rancher can have on their property. Modern ag buildings can be customized in size to accommodate your 60′ planter and even built to include an office.In this product spotlight we showcase eight of the top building manufacturers. Companies include: Sukup Manufacturing, Morton Buildings, Wick Buildings, Cleary Building Corp., Sentinel Building Systems, Heritage Building Systems, Olympia Steel Building Systems, and Lester Buildings. Looking for more information on a listed model? Each company has their contact information listed below each product. 

Zero Turn Radius Lawn Mower Spotlight

If you have a sizable plot of grass a zero turn radius (ZTR) lawn mower is an option that should be considered for your lawn care needs. ZTR mowers can help save time and energy. ZTR mowers are easy to handle, highly maneuverable, and perform consistently. You have multiple cutting deck size options, which allows for you to find the perfect size depending on landscaping elements within your cutting area. ZTR mowers range from entry-level models to commercial/professional models. With all options considered, including price, there is a size that will fit almost every need.

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Do soybeans need nitrogen fertilizer?

According to a University of Illinois crop sciences researcher, there has been a great deal of interest recently in the idea of using nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season to increase soybean yields.“This is somewhat surprising given that there has been so little evidence from published and unpublished reports showing that this practice increases yields, let alone provides a return on the cost of doing this,” said Emerson Nafziger.

Technology Times

Farmers Create Device to Combat Wire Theft

Faced with a copper wire theft epidemic on grain bin facilities, three Lonoke County farmers have uncovered, and are now marketing, a theft detection system they believe will yield dramatic results in the fight against wire theft.Farmers Scott Mitchell, Matt Schafer, and Jerry Kelly were each victims of copper theft on their grain bin facilities – Kelly several times. They tried to think of ways to thwart the thieves who had figured out how to beat camera monitoring systems and other theft deterrents. They also spoke to law enforcement to understand their rights and limitations in protecting their property.Schafer went as far as staking out his farm at night.