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2009 John Deere 8430T Woolstock, IA
2006 John Deere 8430T Woolstock, IA
2013 John Deere 8235R Woolstock, IA
2008 John Deere 8230 Woolstock, IA
2004 John Deere 9620T Woolstock, IA
2007 John Deere 9430 Woolstock, IA
1997 John Deere 9300 Woolstock, IA
2013 John Deere S680 Woolstock, IA
2009 John Deere 9670STS Woolstock, IA

Industry News

The New 2015 Guide For Pricing And Identifying Farm Equipment Is Now Available

The 2015 “blue book” for farm tractors, combines, and implements, Farm Equipment Guide Quick Reference Guide, is now available.  Used nationwide by farmers, dealers, financial businesses, appraisers, auctioneers, repair shops, and other related businesses, it is a key provider of serial numbers, specifications and average auction and retail pricing on more than 100 manufacturers of farm equipment.

Ag Leader’s ISO Downforce System New In 2015

The new ISO downforce is very similar to the previous style in terms of how it controls the row units, but there are enhancements that help the system be more precise.The ISO downforce system has the ability to control 8 different sections on the planter independently. This is paired with up to 4 gauge wheel sensors per section and any number of rows per section. If we do the math, we can monitor 32 different rows independently. With the Ag Leader downforce system, it gives you the ability to...

Product Spotlight

Bale Accumulator Product Spotlight - Presented By Kuhns Manufacturing LLC

Small hay bales have steadily grown in  demand due to ease of portability and hay quality. Large agriculture equipment companies have responded with higher output balers, which only leave the bale on the ground for manual pickup, stacking, and movement. Bale Accumulators answers the producers’ problem by creating a one-man baling system. In this Product Spotlight, presented to you by Kuhns Manufacturing LLC we have highlighted eight bale accumulators. Looking for more information? Each manufacturer has their contact information listed below each product.

Mid-Size Tractor Product Spotlight

Mid-size tractors have engines generally between 60- and 138-hp. These are taller and more powerful when compared to compact tractors. Mid-size tractors are able to operate more heavy-duty equipment such as a posthole digger or a large loader, and can scoop or push deep snow.In this Product Spotlight we have highlighted eight mid-size tractors. Looking for more information? Each manufacturer has their contact information listed below each product.

Featured Articles

Leopold Center For Sustainable Agriculture Awards 2015 Research Grants

The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture has awarded grants to 17 innovative research and demonstration projects that promise to move agricultural production toward greater sustainability while improving Iowa’s soil and water resources.The research will provide new knowledge on soil health, specifically how phosphorus moves under different cropping systems and how certain changes deep below the surface (given the prevalence of minimum-tillage systems) could make soils more resilient during drought or after heavy rainfall. Other projects explore alternative systems for biomass production, growing fruits and vegetables, or providing habitat for native pollinators.

Technology Times

New Tool Evaluates Options for Reducing Odors in Livestock Operations

A team of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists have developed an online tool to help livestock and poultry producers compare odor mitigation techniques that could be useful on their farms.Air Management Practices Assessment Tool, AMPAT for short, is web-based and available at no charge at