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Planter Pro NINJA Row Cleaner Can Handle Any Residue for Smoother Ride

 A new model has enhanced the popular Planter Pro row cleaner line by Ag Focus LLC. It’s called the Planter Pro NINJA, and it handles the toughest residue and further reduces row unit bounce.“We combined our patented trailing arm with pneumatic adjustment with sharpened, intersecting wheels to make the ultimate row cleaner,” says Bruce Freed, AgFocus’ product manager.Freed says that the patented trailing arm is the foundation of the NINJA’s success. Monitoring technologies prove the NINJA’...

The Safety Zone Calf Catcher is the Best Partner During Calving Season

If you own an ATV or UTV and have cattle, Safety Zone Calf Catchers has an attachment to make working with young calves safer and easier with no extra labor.The calf catcher is an all-welded, durably constructed steel cage that mounts with ball hitches on the front and back. It works well in all types of terrains and conditions.

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Fabric Covered Buildings

Are you looking to expand the infrastructure on your property? Do you need a structure that can be employed for multiple uses? Do you have a small budget, but want something that can withstand Mother Nature? Then a fabric covered building may be a perfect fit.In this Product Spotlight we showcase nine of the top fabric covered building manufacturers. Looking for more information? Each company has their contact information listed below each product.

Product Spotlight: Grain Bins Presented by Superior Manufacturing

No matter how high yields are, harvest time grain prices are no guarantee for maximum profitability. On-site grain storage offers many benefits, including increased harvest capacities and uptime, as well as the freedom to hold your commodity for better returns in the future.In this Product Spotlight, presented by Superior Manufacturing, we showcase ten of the top grain bin manufacturers. Looking for more information? Each company has their contact information listed below each product.

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Back When: 1959 Ford 871 Gold Demonstrator

This 1959 Ford 871 ‘Gold Demonstrator’ was sitting in the woods about two miles from home of Dwayne Sells in Kernersville, North Carolina.The name ‘Gold Demonstrator’ describes exactly what this tractor was originally built for. In 1959, each Ford tractor dealership was sent one gold 871 for the purpose of showing prospective customers what this model could do. It came with all of the options built in so the farmer could decide how he wanted to order his new tractor.

Technology Times

Purdue Startup Commercializes Soil-Mapping Technology to Improve Crops, Increase Yields

An agricultural startup is commercializing a Purdue University innovation that could help farmers improve crop management and yields by better understanding how their soil functions.