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1970 Ford 3000 Taylorsville, KY
1979 White 2-70 Taylorsville, KY
1972 Ford 5000 Taylorsville, KY
1979 Ford 6600 Taylorsville, KY
1978 Ford 6600 Taylorsville, KY
1978 IH Int 1086 Taylorsville, KY
2001 New Holland TN65 Taylorsville, KY
1996 John Deere 6200 Taylorsville, KY
Massey Ferguson 481 Taylorsville, KY

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Crop Progress as of 6-22-2015

The USDA releases the Crop Progress Reports each Monday at 4:00 pm. Crop progress and condition estimates are based on survey data collected each week from early April through the end of November.

Boss Plow Introduces New Plows For Half-Ton Trucks

For the upcoming 2015-2016 snow season Boss Snowplow has released the new HTX half-ton straight-blades. The HTX is an evolution of the iconic Sport Duty line plow designed for half-ton and lighter vehicles. The HTX is available in proven mild steel, super slick poly, and stainless steel in 7’ and 7’6” widths. The new blades also feature built-in mounting locations for plow shoes and snow deflector.The HTX series blades are equipped with the new SL3 L.E.D. headlight system for improved...

Product Spotlight

Grain Vac Product Spotlight Presented by: Walinga USA, Inc.

Farmers require an efficient piece of equipment to help them move crops from bins to trucks, bin to bin, or truck to bin. A grain vac can fit into small spaces that augers cannot. The pneumatic system of a grain vac is ideal for operators who move delicate seed.In this Product Spotlight we are showcasing eight of the top grain vac manufacturers. Looking for more information on a listed model? Each company has their contact information listed below each product.

GPS - Auto-Steer Systems Product Spotlight

“Precision agriculture” is a common phrase in the Ag industry. With the use of technologies such as GPS and auto-steering an operator can bring a new level of precision to their operation. With the latest technology farmers can get sub-inch accuracy with a relatively small up-front investment. These systems help drastically reduce fatigue in the tractor, combine, and sprayer drivers.In this Product Spotlight we highlight five systems that will make your operation more efficient. Looking for more information? Each manufacturer has their contact information listed below the product.

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Learn To MIG Weld In A Flash

MIG welding is a skill that can come in handy in a farming operation. Your equipment inevitably will break during your busiest seasons, and having the ability to quickly weld and fix equipment in the field could be a game changer.MIG delivers an excellent combination of speed and versatility, and is one of the easiest welding techniques to learn. To learn this skill it will take a little patience, a bit of concentration, and a few hours of dedicated practice. We asked our friends at HTP to walk us through how to get started with MIG welding.

Technology Times

Adapt-N Changes When We Apply Nitrogen

Nitrogen management in corn is an important consideration for corn producers. With the rising costs of inputs and concerns of the overuse of fertilizers, now more than ever it is vital that growers maximize their bushels per acre with the least amount of inputs as possible.