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Polycarbonate Tractor Guard Protects Windshields

Tractor Guard provides an affordable, durable and hassle-free solution to issues associated with broken windows on farm and construction equipment. The patented guards are made of clear polycarbonate similar to police riot shields, are 200 times more impact-resistant than glass, and are weather- and UV-protected, according to Lyle Silbernagel, owner of U.S. Farm Innovations, the exclusive North American distributor for the product.

New LaForge Guided Hitch Keeps Deere Planters on the Row

LaForge offers a new guided hitch designed to optimize operations when combined with an implement guidance system for certain planters in John Deere’s 1700 series. The hitch is designed for Deere 1770NT, 1775NT, 1790 and 1795 planters, and offers improved steering response, automatically steering planters to the guidance line, according to LaForge.Ground clearance is just 3.5 in. lower than the factory hitch, and the hitch uses maintenance-free composite bushings for longer life. The hydraulic...

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Product Spotlight: Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) Mowers

What Goes Around: A Look at the Season’s Latest ZTR Mowers If you tend a lawn that covers a lot of area, or you need to work around some challenging obstacles, a zero-turn radius (ZTR) mower may be the best option in your quest to keep your lawn looking great. Whether it’s time for a new mower or you’re shopping for an upgrade, here a few of the latest makes and models worth considering.EXMARKLazer Z Series

Makin’ Hay: Newer Compact Drum Mowers and Belt Rakes Offer Efficiency and Productivity

By Pat Goodwin Farmers have come a long way from the days of cutting grass with a scythe and gathering it with a pitchfork in order to provide forage for their livestock. However, the process of making hay is still evolving. Recent advances in the design of hay mowers and rakes have made them even more efficient, versatile and productive.Two such developments in forage management are mowers that can mow and ted simultaneously, and the increasing awareness in the United States of belt rakes, which can ted or rake with the simple adjustment of the machine.

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Farm Life:Spring Mud Stirs Imaginations

Over this past weekend, spring weather arrived here in northwest Wisconsin. With warmer temperatures comes melting snow and lots of mud! Leave it to my three little princesses to find the deepest mud puddle in the pasture and spend the entire weekend splashing and digging in it. They would show up at the back door just in time for dinner covered from head-to-toe in mud and complain when I made them take off their clothes outside and send them straight into the shower. I am still trying to figure out how to get the stains out of their clothes.

Technology Times

Study: Eliminating GMOs Would Take Toll on Environment, Economies

By Brian Wallheimer, for Purdue University Higher food prices, a significant boost in greenhouse gas emissions due to land use change and major loss of forest and pasture land would be some results if genetically modified organisms in the United States were banned, according to a Purdue University study.Wally Tyner, professor of agricultural economics; Farzad Taheripour, a research associate professor of agricultural economics; and Harry Mahaffey, an agricultural economics graduate student—all from Purdue University— wanted to know the significance of crop yield loss if genetically modified crops were banned from U.S. farm fields, as well as how that decision would trickle down to other parts of the economy.