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AEM Announces Winners of Ag Engineering Student Awards

Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin teams honoredThe Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) announced the winners of its agricultural engineering student awards during the recent annual international meeting of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) in Orlando, Florida.AEM is a longtime supporter of ASABE and initiated the AEM Trophy Awards in 1935 as part of its commitment to excellence in agricultural engineering education.The AEM Trophy Awards...

Funding opportunities available for conservation practices

With the declining number of Monarch butterflies migrating north through the central United States, USDA is offering an incentive to agricultural producers in Iowa to help increase Monarch breeding habitat.

Product Spotlight

Top 10 Tips for Safe Manure Application

Harvest will be here before you know it, and that means pork producers and grain farmers will soon prep for fall field nutrient applications. The Illinois Pork Producers Association reminds producers to pay attention to details, as they pump manure that will be applied on crop acres as a sustainable fertilizer option.“Manure is a good crop fertilizer product. We have better tools, better methods and training, and better science than ever for using this valuable resource,” says Ted Funk, retired University of Illinois Extension specialist and pork industry consultant.  “America's Heartland has a fantastic infrastructure for growing grain, and several benefits exist for using manure for Illinois crops.”

Product Spotlight: UTVs

Working Side by Side: the latest UTVs are the perfect farm hands Whether you call them utility task/terrain vehicles (UTVs) or side-by-sides, these compact workhorses can haul—in more ways than one. Known for their off-road performance, payload capacity and available attachments, UTVs have made themselves at home on many farms, ranches and acreages. Some new machines can even convert their beds into more passenger seating. We took a look at several of the latest UTV models from the leading manufacturers.

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Back When: Delmer Meyer’s 1949 Oliver 99

“Just fixing old equipment and making them run again,” is the answer you get when you ask Delmer Meyer of Concordia, Kansas what he likes most about antique tractors. This man that calls Rust Road home is the owner of 12 antique tractors in addition to this 1949 Oliver 99.In November of 2009, Delmer saw the 99 in an Internet ad. The tractor was located in Jenks, Oklahoma, over 370 miles away from Delmer's home in Concordia. He contacted the owner, Geneva Lewis, who filled him in on what she knew about the 99. It seemed to be a sound investment–the tractor was complete, the engine was locked up, and the tin needed little more than paint.

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Water Temperature Affects Herbicide Performance

Warm water is best for most, according to Purdue studyA new Purdue University Extension publication gives applicators of post-emergence herbicides insights into the importance of mixing herbicides with water at optimum temperatures to make them most effective.Guidance offered in Water Temperature and Herbicide Performance is based on research by Purdue University weed scientists who studied the effectiveness of certain herbicides on several weed species when mixed with spray water at various temperatures. The researchers concluded that moderate to warm water—but not hot—was better than cold.