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Mahindra North America Hosts Largest-Ever National Dealer Meeting

Guests Attended From Around The World: U.S. and Eight Countries(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mahindra North America's annual National Dealer Meeting (NDM) centered around fully refreshed and extended product lines including higher HP engines for both the tractor and utility vehicle portfolios. These products will launch in stages over the next eight months beginning with our re-styled utility vehicles followed by our new sub-compact, compact and utility tractors. NDM brought together...

BKT Earns SQEP Silver Award From Caterpillar And Homologation Of Two Earthmax Models For Two Different CAT Dump Trucks

Top accolades are the evidence of the Indian multinational's continuous development as Original Equipment supplierCaterpillar granted an award of great importance in the course of the official ceremony, which took place on September 15: the Chopanki production plant, indeed, obtained the prestigious SQEP Silver Award for Supplier Quality Excellence Process Certification, which is bestowed to Caterpillar suppliers that are able to achieve the highest levels of quality and...

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Grain Vacs - Efficient piece of equipment

Farmers require an efficient piece of equipment to help them move crops from bins to trucks, bin to bin, or truck to bin. A grain vac can fit into small spaces that augers cannot. The pneumatic system of a grain vac is ideal for operators who move delicate seed.In this product spotlight we are showcasing eight of the top grain vac manufacturers. Looking for more information on a listed model? Each company has their contact information listed below each product.

Never Bin Better

In this product spotlight we have highlighted eleven grain bins. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their website listed below each product.

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Are Cover Crops Right for Your Operation?

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before taking the plungeAre cover crops all peaches and cream? Not exactly, say the experts. Cover crops can improve soil health, including increased infiltration, organic matter and biological activity, as well as reduce soil erosion and compaction. Add in a greater ability to reduce nutrient loss, and it is easy to see why cover crops are popular.

Technology Times

Purdue Students Launch Drone Startup To Help Reduce Farming Costs

Aerial Agriculture LLC, a startup company launched by Purdue University students, aims to revolutionize the agricultural industry by building drones in-house to capture multispectral images of entire crop fields. This technology could allow farmers to reduce excess fertilizer and input costs while simultaneously increasing yields. Aerial Agriculture LLC, a tech startup founded by undergraduate students in Purdue’s College of Engineering, developed and piloted agricultural drones that can capture specialized images of entire crop fields. The drones captured images can be stitched together into maps, which are direct representations of the crops’ health. The technology ultimately reduces input costs and increases farmers’ yields.