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New Hiniker Granular Stainless Steel Side-Dress Applicator

The Hiniker 6000 Granular Side-Dress Applicator provides precision placement of granular fertilizers. The 7-ton capacity unit is available in 30- and 40-ft widths and features an automatic 8-degree wing tilt for additional crop clearance on end rows.  The Hiniker Granular Side-Dress Applicator underframe clearance is a generous 30 inches in working position and individual row 1.5-inch metering ensures equal row-to-row distribution of product.  The 16-row model may be used as 12-row...

Growers: New Time-Lapse Video Series Shows Weeds after Herbicide Applications

A fascinating new series of time-lapse YouTube videos demonstrates how weeds wither and die after being sprayed with an herbicide.The videos, created by members of the weed science team in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University, are meant to show growers what to expect from an herbicide as they try to manage weed infestations in their fields, said Mark Loux, an Ohio State University Extension weed specialist. OSU Extension is the statewide...

Product Spotlight

Vertical Tillage Product Spotlight

Vertical tillage is any type of deep tillage that doesn’t create a horizontal layer. The main goal of vertical tillage is to break apart any crusts and soil compaction on the surface. Another advantage of this form of tillage is to cut and size residue. Using vertical tillage helps to aerate the soil, dry and warm soil, and prepare the field for planting. This method of tillage is also popular in minimum-till operations.

Seed Tender Product Spotlight - Presented By Meridian Manufacturing

Increasingly growers are discovering the cost and time saving benefits of delivering seed to the field in a bulk seed-handling unit. With operator friendly features like movable auger and conveyors, roll tarp covers, wireless remote controls, and fill tube heights to reach even the tallest center fill planters seed tenders can increase the efficiency of your planting season.

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Feature Article: U.S. Custom Harvesters - Harvesting the Crops that Feed the World

Nothing is more gratifying to a grain farmer than when the crops have been harvested and the fruits of the labor are completed. In an ideal world, this final act would be so simple. However, the cost of equipment, the labor it takes to complete the harvest and the uncertainty of the weather also makes it a huge challenge for a lot of farmers. Yet there is a viable option that will take care of all of these concerns: U. S. Custom Harvesters, Inc (USCHI).

Technology Times

Automatic Section Control Technology - Precision Row Crop Planting

Automatic section control (ASC) technology for planters has gained interest among growers because of its potential savings and other benefits. Automatic section control is also referred to as auto-swath or row clutches when talking about planters. As the name suggests, this technology improves planting efficiency by automatically turning OFF planter sections or individual rows in areas that have been previously planted (e.g., headlands or point rows) or areas designated as no-plant zones (e.g., grassed waterways, terraces, outside a field boundary).