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2012 John Deere 5100M Bluefield, WV
1978 White 2-105 Plymouth, NE
1979 Gleaner M2 Plymouth, NE
1981 Gleaner M2 Plymouth, NE
1984 Gleaner L3 Plymouth, NE
2006 John Deere 6420 Abingdon, VA
2013 John Deere 6115M Abingdon, VA
2012 John Deere 5075E Abingdon, VA
2014 John Deere 5065E Abingdon, VA

Industry News

Keep Nitrogen in Place With New Attachment From Yetter Mfg.

Making the most of fertilizer investments is on the top of producers’ minds as overall input costs continue to rise. The new 6200-060 N Keeper from Yetter Farm Equipment seals the slot that is opened during fertilizer application, helping ensure growing plants can take full advantage of either pre-plant or side-dress applied N.

BouMatic’s Patented Flo-Star MAX Provides Maximum Performance, Fast Milkout

The Flo-Star MAX has top-unloading action from a bottom-unloading claw. The Flo-Star MAX's unique hooded outlet sump causes an emptying action similar to what is found with top-unloading claws. The X-crossed inlets cause milk to flow down the walls of the claw and into the sloped bottom half, which directs the milk to the out-let area. The hooded outlet results in little pooling of milk in the claw, which is common with barrel type claws. The Flo-Star MAX is constructed with the latest dairy...

Product Spotlight

Bale Wrapper Spotlight Presented By: Tubline Mfg.

Being able to wrap bales shortly after they are cut helps to preserve the nutrients in the crop, and provides an airtight cover to block out moisture that will retard the spoilage process. With the escalating price of livestock forage, having fresh, quality hay for livestock can help cut costs. Quality feed translates to healthier livestock. Plus surplus bales could be sold as a cash crop.

Full Size Tractor Spotlight

Full size tractors will have advanced hydraulics, power management systems, and transmissions with as many as 32 forward and 24 reverse gears. Cabs now include: heat and air conditioning, sound systems, multiple monitoring screens, and ice chest coolers to keep food and beverages on hand for long days. Cabs are now sealed to keep out the dirt, dust, and noise.

Featured Articles

Feature Article: Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer

Nearly 100 of Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers’ Area Managers—the independent agricultural retailers who sell the company’s products to farmers around the country—recently gathered in a ballroom in Lansing, Mich. AgroLiquid Senior Marketing Manager Lonny Smith asked a revealing question: “Who here remembers Mr. Cook; does anyone want to talk a little about who he was?”

Technology Times

The Technology Race in ON - Is Your Operation Ready?

Over the past five to eight years, agriculture has been experiencing a major shift in the acceptance and application of technology within our industry. This revolution, if you will, has been primary led by machinery manufactures that have been bringing exciting new products to growers.