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New Strip Freshener from Yetter Farm Equipment Preps Soil For Seeding

The 2984 Strip Freshener answers the call for a tool that can assist fall strip-till operations to ensure strips are ready for earlier spring planting. After a wet fall or a long winter, strips may not be as condi­tioned as would be ideal for planting. The Strip Freshener, which performs at speeds of 6 to 10 mph, is an effective choice to prepare strips before planting. Its uniquely de­signed blade arrangement offers the perfect amount of till­age to condition berms and help create the ideal...

Ag Leader Announces Hydraulic Down Force 8-Section Control

Ag Leader Technology today announced Hydraulic Down Force 8-Section Control for planters. The addition of 8-Section Control adds several new features to the company’s Hydraulic Down Force System. Row-by-row sensing allows the system to monitor and respond to the down force needs of each row, in order to account for frequent variations in field depth. The system also adds greater flexibility with up to eight sections of control and multiple configurations available.

Product Spotlight

Snow Plow Spotlight Presented By - Monroe Truck Equipment

Living in the northern states you get to experience all four seasons throughout the year. The most talked about season would most likely be winter and the snowfall that comes with it. As beautiful as the snow is when it’s falling, if you need to move it once on the ground you need reliable and sturdy equipment to get the job done.

GPS-Auto Steering System Spotlight

“Precision agriculture” is a common phrase in the Ag industry. With the use of technologies such as GPS and auto-steering an operator can bring a new level of precision to their operation. With the latest technology farmers can get sub-inch accuracy with a relatively small up-front investment. These systems help drastically reduce fatigue in the tractor, combine, and sprayer drivers.

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No-Till Agriculture May Not Bring Hoped-For Boost in Global Crop Yields, Study Finds

No-till farming, a key conservation agriculture strategy that avoids conventional plowing and otherwise disturbing the soil, may not bring a hoped-for boost in crop yields in much of the world, according to an extensive new meta-analysis by an international team that included a University of Illinois crop sciences researcher and was led by the University of California, Davis.As the core principle of conservation agriculture, no-till has been promoted worldwide in an effort to sustainably meet global food demand. But after examining results from 610 peer-reviewed studies, the researchers found that no-till often leads to yield declines compared to conventional tillage systems, except it still shows promise for yield gains in dryland areas.

Technology Times

Finding Extra Profit This Fall

With each passing season there is a greater focus on technology in all aspects of farming. In this edition of "Technology Times" I will give you a few pointers that will help you increase your harvested bushels per acre without purchasing any new equipment.