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Range Cattle Research and Education Center Dedicates New Education Building

GAINSVILLE, Fla. – Cattlemen, Extension agents and other stakeholders soon can attend educational events at a new University of Florida facility dedicated to teaching how to manage the state’s grazing lands.

60' No-Till Central Fill Drill By CrustBuster

Seeding large acreages will happen faster and more efficiently with CrustBuster's new 60' no-till Central Fill Drill. CrustBuster has combined their vast experience with seeding in no-till conditions and reputation for building solid reliable drills to offer a large central fill air drill that utilizes the long proven, All Plant Parallel Linkage Double Disk Openers.

Product Spotlight

Alternative Heating Product Spotlight

Cord wood is an inexpensive and completely renewable resource that we can use to heat our homes, outbuildings, and water. With natural gas, oil, and electric costs on the rise using a wood burning furnace will allow you to cut your utility bills dramatically. Heating with outdoor wood furnaces may also cut your carbon footprint in half; when compared to fossil fuels.In this Product Spotlight we have highlighted eight wood burning furnaces. Looking for more information? Each manufacturer has their contact information listed below the product.

Snow Plow Spotlight Presented By - Monroe Truck Equipment

Living in the northern states you get to experience all four seasons throughout the year. The most talked about season would most likely be winter and the snowfall that comes with it. As beautiful as the snow is when it’s falling, if you need to move it once on the ground you need reliable and sturdy equipment to get the job done.

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Carbon Cycle Shifts As Corn 'Explodes'

As plants inhale in the summer, levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide drop in the Northern Hemisphere. As plant exhale and decompose after the growing season, those levels climb up again.Over the past 50 years, the size of this seasonal swing has increased by as much as half, for reasons that aren’t fully understood. Now a team of researchers shows that agricultural production may generate up to a quarter of the increase in this seasonal carbon cycle, with corn playing a leading role.

Technology Times

Finding Extra Profit This Fall

With each passing season there is a greater focus on technology in all aspects of farming. In this edition of "Technology Times" I will give you a few pointers that will help you increase your harvested bushels per acre without purchasing any new equipment.