Augers that fit the farm

In this product spotlight we have highlighted ten grain augers. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their website listed below each product.

WESTFIELDProduct Spotlight

For over 65 years, Westfield has been making some of the best augers available. The MKX Series is no exception and features over 75 proven performance enhancements, focusing on advanced ease-ofuse, serviceability and maximum capacity. The MKX Series is available in 10", 13" and 16" tube diameters with lengths from 53' to 125' and capacity up to 23,000 bph. For added convenience, the GULP2 is available for the MKX 130. The GULP2 transports with the MKX 130 auger, no disassembly required, and features a low profile drive over height of just 4.5", a large catchment area and a hydraulically controlled power swing. The GULP2 is designed to match the auger capacity making it the most efficient grain auger on your farm.

MERIDIAN MFG.Product Spotlight

One of Meridian's latest augers, the 1295, is a 95-ft. version of its popular 12-in. swing-away heavy-duty model series. The 1295 offers a unique cable truss system to ensure durability, stability and ruggedness. Designed with the features that farmers need, this versatile auger reaches higher and further to increase grain-handling capabilities while maximizing efficiency. Other features include a new low-profile hopper that is among the lowest and longest in the industry, a scissor lift designed to maximize reach, and overflow doors at the discharge end to help prevent plugging.

WHEATHEARTProduct Spotlight

Wheatheart is committed to providing farmers with strong, long-lasting equipment. Wheatheart's X Series Augers feature over 75 proven performance enhancements. With a precision engineered, commercial strength, scissor lift frame and a redesigned hopper, the X Series offers unmatched serviceability and X-treme durability. The X Series is available in 10", 13" and 16" tube diameters with lengths from 63' to 125' and capacity up to 23,000 bph.

BRANDTProduct Spotlight

Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd.'s latest lineup of swing-away augers feature capacities of up to 23,000 bph and come in sizes of 10, 13 and 16 in. The newly reengineered units are more efficient than ever before, incorporating booster flights in conjunction with enhancements to hopper flight, transition and boot designs, resulting in capacity increases of up to 22%, according to the company.

PECK MFG.Product Spotlight

The Peck model 1003 direct-drive TAD auger is available in lengths from 56 to 71 ft. To decrease maintenance costs, the augers offer direct hookups, which eliminate the gearbox and other drive parts. A short telescoping driveline connects directly to the tractor PTO shaft and to the lower end of the flighting and offers a constant-velocity universal joint for smooth operation at any angle. A reliable hydraulic motor at the upper end of the swinging hopper drives the flighting. A vertical frame hinges 2 ft. ahead of the axle to allow for a greater reach over the bin eaves.

KSI CONVEYORSProduct Spotlight

The KSi 1612 Swingaway Conveyors are designed to outperform conventional augers and conveyors in the speed of material flow, the maximum degree of operation and material handling. The 1612 Swingaway achieves this due to its patented cleated belt. As a result of the cleats, the seed conveyor can move seed more efficiently than conventional conveyors with ability to perform at a 40-degree angle. The cleated belt conveyor handles material gently resulting in very little material damage, according to the company.

FARM KINGProduct Spotlight

Farm King offers Backsaver augers in lengths from 50 to 104 ft. and tube sizes of 10, 12, 13, 14 and 16 in. A patented bridge-like support system allows the auger tubing and flighting to remain stable at all time—including raising and lowering—and the hydraulic scissor lift resurrects the auger quickly. Farm King's latest swing away Backsaver augers offer 12-in. and 14-in. tube sizes and are constructed with ¼-in. flighting surrounded by a 12-gauge tube. Right- or leftmounted swing away hoppers enhance versatility. A hydraulic hopper mover and low-profile hopper come standard.

ART'S WAYProduct Spotlight

The Art's Way auger line includes drive-line models featuring top-drive engineering and rolling-hopper models powered by internal drives. The company's augers are built for strength, durability and longevity. Rolling-hopper augers are constructed from 12-gauge tube and ¼-in. flighting. They are double flighted in high-wear areas in the hopper and drive section for added strength and feature internal drive with externally mounted gearboxes for proper venting and simplified maintenance. The CV power shaft with shear clutch provides a smooth drive and overload protection.


Hutchinson-Mayrath, a division of Global Industries, offers topdrive, inline and swing-away augers. The swing-away line features 8-, 10- and 13-in. options along with a choice of standard PTO drive or side drive. The series comes standard with 12-gauge tube and ¼-in. flighting for durability and longevity. Hydraulic winch kits and wheel kits are also available to simplify moving and lifting the swing-away hoppers. The augers are available in either galvanized or powder coat red finishes.


Harvest International's latest high-efficiency 10- and 13-in. H-XT Series swing-away augers are stronger, more streamlined, safer to operate and easier to service than ever before, according to the company. The series is constructed with 12-gauge tubing and includes double-tapered bearings at the discharge to handle both radial and axial loads. Other features include iron-edge flighting throughout, standard highway-rated tires and rims, powder coat plus, hydraulic scissor lift, fast-access flighting port and double chain coupler. Models range from 64 to 114 ft.