Balers Hesston 2800 Series Round Balers

 Just some of the features you’ll find on a Hesston 2800 Series Round Baler include an ISO-compliant Console I Monitor to provide real-time, advanced monitoring and baler control so you can build the best bales for your operation, and Hesston’s exclusive independent torsion axle suspension featuring large flotation tires and independent gauge wheels for a smoother ride and greater stability on the road or in the field. You’ll also encounter Hesston’s Quad Cylinders System (QCS) – the only advanced hydraulic system of its kind and designed to provide absolute control over belt and bale tension for uniform bales, Auto-Cycle™ and Auto-Tie (fully automatic available), and baler drivers with fewer but heavier bales.

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Vermeer® Rancher® Round Baler

Vermeer® Rancher® balers are priced to fit your pocketbook and designed to match up with lower horsepower tractors commonly used in cow-calf operations. Featuring patented Vermeer M Series baler technology, and a very competitive price tag – even when you compare them to late-model used balers – Rancher balers give you exceptional new baler value and the extra peace of mind that comes with a new product warranty. 

Bottom line? Large-diameter round bales up to 66" (1.7 m) tall. Balers you can power with minimum 50/60 hp (32 kW/45 kW) tractors. And bales you can easily handle and feed with mid-sized tractors, loaders or skid steers. The Rancher balers are just right for your ranch!

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New Holland BR7000 Series Round Balers

 New Holland BR7000 Series Roll-Belt™ Round Balers are designed to create dense bales. Why does density matter for your operation? When you pack more of your valuable crop into each bale, you save time, money and fuel. Denser bales also mean better bale shape and weathering and more stable stacking.

 Some of the features on the BR7000 Series include wide and curved-tine pickups that feed crop from edge to edge of the bale chamber and out front for visibility, and the exclusive Roll-Belt™ design combining rolls and belts that are engineered to start a bale core in any crop and form perfectly-shaped bales. Repositioned twine tube leaf springs are also now heat-treated and kept in place by steel rivets for improved holding.

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Krone Bellima Round Baler

The Krone Bellima is designed to produce quality bales of high density from silage, hay and straw. At the same time, it’s designed to be an absolutely low-maintenance machine that requires low input from the tractor. A robust, enclosed fixed bale chamber reduces fragmentation and controls the development of dust, while an endless chain-and-slat elevator is designed to excel in multiple crops as well as eliminate the risk of bale stops.

Hydraulically controlled EasyFlow pickups without cam track are designed to leave clean rakes and increase throughput and output while reducing wear and maintenance costs and running quiet and allows locking to the desired depth. The design reduces the gap between the pick-up and the bale chamber to enhance the smooth transfer of the crop and help optimize the gathering and maintain a steady flow of crop.

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CLAAS Rollant 375 Uniwrap Fixed Chamber Round Baler

CLAAS of America introduces a new heavy-duty baler-wrapper to its reputable Rollant line. Designed to deliver highly compressed bales at top speeds, the Rollant 375 Uniwrap features either a 540- or 1000-RPM PTO Roto Cut® Feeding System with 16 knives for delivering top quality silage. A 4’ x 4’ fixed chamber touts newly designed heavy-duty rollers engineered to deliver greater reliability with less horsepower. Exclusive Maximum Pressure System (MPS)® technology and an 83” wide pickup with Crop Assist Augers deliver high bale density and throughput. A drop down floor allows for maximum capacity. CLAAS’s fully automatic system alerts to the driver to stop when the bale chamber is full and after that, the automatic wrapping process takes over by putting the net wrap on, opening the tailgate, transferring the bale, closing the tailgate and wrapping the bale in plastic.

From the comfort of your cab, the CLAAS Communicator Monitoring System puts operational control at your fingertips. Change the main set-up parameters with the touch of a button and monitor the binding, open the tailgate, eject bales and close the tailgate using this advanced management system.

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Kuhn LSB 1290 Large Square Baler

 LSB 1290 Large Square Balers are new to Kuhn, but the company has been manufacturing balers for over 25 years. The 1290 model makes 3x4 bales with features like a cutting or non-cutting integral rotor designed to provides high-performance throughput in all crop conditions. The Power Density system and extreme-duty plunger work together for uniform flakes and rock-hard bales, and each bale is tied together by Kuhn’s Twin-Step Knotting system. Convenient in-cab controls allow most adjustments to be made from the comfort of the tractor seat and these high-capacity balers are designed for quick and easy maintenance.

Other features found on the Kuhn LSB 1290s include a forced, aggressive integral rotor with large and heavy-duty flighting (manufactured with or without a crop-cutting device) designed to provide the baler with even feeding regardless of crop conditions, cam clutch protection, plunger bearings, hardened rails, and the ISOBUS monitor.

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John Deere Series 800 Round Balers

 John Deere 800 Series Round Balers feature ‘pickups that pick up productivity’ thanks to an open throat and overshot crop flow technology design. The 2.0 and 2.2 m MaxiCut pick-up with either 14 or 25 pre-cutter knives provides high flexibility for outstanding productivity and crop quality.  HiFlow pickups (available in 2.0 and 2.2 meters) are designed to ensure high baling capacity, even in dry crops. The RotoFlow pickup delivers a big rotor diameter, high RPM performance and a pivoting drop-floor unplugging functionality designed for non-stop baling.   

 A few other features designed to improve your baling performance include six wide Diamond-Tread belts to enclose 91% of the bale width for minimum crop loss and easy bale starting, a cleaning auger to keep belts clean so they don’t lose grip even in wet crop conditions, and two standard power rollers to provide the needed drive for hay and/or silage baling.         

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 Case IH RB 4 Series Round Balers

 Case IH RB 4 Series round balers are engineered to build consistently dense round bales, even in varying crop and field conditions. Case IH offers five models with features to help you be more efficient in the field as well as the ability to custom-build round bales. One of these is the series’ round baler pickups that stretch substantially wider (72-144”) than the bale chamber, allowing them to pick up wide windrows and pack more into the chamber’s sides for firm bales. A low-profile design also allows the pickups to float over ground contours and their forward location allows operators to view windrows feeding and crop flowing evenly into the bale chamber.

 RB 4 Series Round Balers also use low-profile and chevron-patterned belts, sturdy all-steel rolls, an adjustable hydraulic belt tensioning system, a floor roll to start the bale formation process, and a variable bale chamber that allows you to customize bale diameter. The series also features an electronic-controlled twine wrap system is designed to ensure consistent twine placement as well as full-bale alarm to alert you when you need to stop forward motion and an in-cab monitor to see how everything is running.

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