Drainage Equipment - The Latest in Tile Plows and Ditching Equipment

In this product spotlight we have highlighted six tiling and ditching equipment systems. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their phone number and website listed below each product.


Product Spotlight
Johnson Drainage Plows are built to withstand the rigors of ripping through the soils of your field without pre-ripping. This original design (not a copy) had its birthday in 1986. Even then it was built as a pull type plow. This design allows for pulling with multiple tractors via the dual hitch. It is pulled completely by the draw bar. These plows can easily pull around curves and corners. You’ve heard and head all the benefits to installing drainage tile in your fields. Now it’s time to work with the best. Johnson Drainage Plows is the only plow manufacturer that designs, builds, and uses the plows on his own farm. Continuous improvements for my customer's needs. I am in the business of making well constructed plows. Plows that easily hold grade, because of their well built design.



Product Spotlight
Do you want to install drainage tile but fear the investment of doing it yourself? The Gold Digger makes tiling affordable and effective. Utilizing the tractor you already own and our cutting-edge, user-friendly tile plow, you can tile your land for 1/3 the price of outsourcing the job. Today, the Soil-Max Gold Digger with STEALTH ZD Technology is one of the most popular tiling plows on the market. Affordable and easy to use, it’s the tile plow that allows growers with farms of all sizes to install drainage tile and increase yields and profits. Lifting action on the soil greatly mpacts the drag coefficient of any tile plow. While most tile plows can only lift the soil 2-3 feet, the Gold Digger Stealth ZD has an impressive 5 feet of lifting action. This unparalleled lift actually moves soil instead of compacting it. As a result, it eliminates mounting pressure and allows the plow to move effortlessly through the soil. Most tile plows use the pitch of the plow to control grade. Deflection occurs when the tile plow pitches up or down, which can damage the tile or cause it to go off course. Zero Deflection Technology, a patent-pending product from Soil-Max, features a unique design that avoids deflection and eliminates opposite grade reaction. Positioning the plow to follow the leading edge keeps it from pushing down in back — so there’s no tile damage or effect on the grade.



Product Spotlight
Edwin Erickson, Sr’s fields flooded in 1997. When low spots filled with remaining water, Erickson came up with an idea — why not make a ditcher that doesn’t leave side ridges, allowing excess water to drain freely off the land? After extensive testing and modifications, the Eagle Ditcher won first place in the Agriculture category of the 1999 South Dakota Investor’s Congress. The Eagle Ditcher is designed to keep your crops from drowning in any low-lying areas by eliminating the problem areas altogether. In fact, producers can cut ditches from two to nine feet deep while water still stands in the field — once you know an area is prone to flooding, you won’t have to wait for it to dry before fixing it. The Eagle Ditcher’s dirt deflector lets you control how far your soil will be thrown — anywhere from just one foot away all the way up 150 feet away from the ditch or terrace you’re working on. It will save your crops from drowning in those wet areas and eliminate those problem areas altogether. This piece of machinery can cut from 1–12" deep and can cut 2–5" at speeds of 2 to 4 mph depending on tractor horse power. The 48" wide cutting edge lifts and drops the soil onto the spinner, where it is then thrown out of the machine either to the left or the right, depending on your preference.



Product Spotlight
The design of the Ditch Angel allows the operator to ditch in many positions. With the use of hydraulic cylinders, operated from the cab of the tractor, it is easy to adjust the depth and distance the ditcher is cutting to get the desired ditch. The impeller can reach 11' from the center of the machine out to the side and a Maximum of 5' deep. The Ditch Angel™ is a side arm ditcher. It comes equipped with a 26" ditching wheel. The ditcher operates in dry or wet conditions. It blows soil 30'-50' out the right side of the machine. A hydraulically controlled deflector is standard on all side-arm ditchers to keep material diverted away from machine and operator. A tail wheel assembly is optional for the Ditch Angel™. This assembly helps support the weight of the machine and add stability while operating the machine. The top link of the Ditch Angel™ (not pictured) is designed to telescope. This allows the machine to float while being operated on rough terrain instead of being hooked rigid. The counter balance weight is adjustable on the Ditch AngelTM. It can be positioned backwards (manually) to gain more clearance for transporting or storage. The counter balance can also be equipped with a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulically controlled option allows the operator to slide the counter balance from the cab.



Product Spotlight
O'Connell Farm Drainage Plows is The Affordable Way to Tile Your Fields Since 1983. We are a family owned company producing a High Quality Full Drainage Line of Equipment. Affordability, Service, and Innovation to help your farm produce the highest quality and best yield possible. Call us today to unlock your field’s full potential. Ryan O’Connell 563-920-5395



Product Spotlight
With the Crary Tile Pro Plow you will be able to dig, lay and bury drain tile all in one pass! Our frame-mounted tile plows are best in the industry for maneuverability, stability and traction. 
• Frame Mounting: maintains consistent depth and grade with no leaning when going around corners or curves
• No Wheels: mounting the plow to a tractor or dozer allows for no tires under the plow, giving you better access to trash clearance and rock removal. No need to pile excavated dirt farther away from the starter hole, and no wheels to straddle over the trench to increase safety.
• Steerable Plow: for all dozers and 2 track tractors leaves both tracks pulling for 100% traction, while steering the plow with the shank. The plow also stays vertical when tiling radius curves.
• Dual-Link control system: controlling shank pitch and elevation, similar to commercial tile plows. Result is precision placement of tile in varying soil conditions.