Grain Monitoring Systems 2017

In this product spotlight we have highlighted seven grain monitoring systems. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their website listed below each product.


Remote Bin Monitoring & Fan Control - Anytime, Anywhere!

The Grain Trac system is distributed exclusively by Tri-States Grain Conditioning (TSGC) or through its nationwide dealer network. TSGC custom designs the Grain Trac system to match each grain handling facility, insuring it meets the unique needs of the installation. TSGC will arrange installation if desired, and also has temperature cables available for purchase. For more information or a quote, email, call, or visit the TSGC website.

GSIProduct Spotlight


The Bullseye Controller Monitors EMC and CEMC to run fans during storage. The Bullseye will effectively manage moisture content to eliminate shrink and maintain condition of the grain in storage, adding valuable shelf life, promoting zero bin entry to increase safety on site and improving margins.

Maintain Temperatures
The key to successful storage is managing grain temperatures. The Bullseye controller will help the grain manager maintain the right grain temperature for the season to maximize shelf life. The controller will assist the grain manager in reducing the risk of sprouting, bridging, crusting, hot spots, spoilage, condensation, problems that occur with moisture migration, eliminate shrink and maintain grain temperatures in the bin for the best possible quality of grain.

Minimize Shrink
The most common problem solved with the Bullseye Controller is soybean shrink. Too often commercial facilities are over-drying the bottom 3rd of their soybean bin to manage temperatures. This is avoidable with the Bullseye Bin Controller.

AGSENSE® FARMProduct Spotlight

GRAIN BINS - Keep Tabs on Your Grain Temperature

Grain Trac removes the guesswork from grain storage and reduces the number of necessary trips to the bin site by remotely monitoring grain temperature. Customizable notifications alert you to the 'hot spots' as they begin, rather than discovering them after the damage has been done. Available directly from Tri States Grain Conditioning (TSGC), or through its nationwide dealer network, TSGC custom designs the Grain Trac system to match each grain handling facility, ensuring it meets the unique needs of the installation.


SafeTrack Wireless Grain Monitor System
SafeTrack is a complete solution for monitoring your commodity temperatures. The SafeTrack system provides simple, accurate and fast grain monitoring.

SafeTrack in action
• Wireless radio options greatly minimized conduit and installation cost.
• Lighting fast and easy to use scanning and reporting.
• Clear graphics for at-a-glance analysis.
• Modular components make servicing and future expansion a snap.
• Remote viewing, scanning and reporting over the Internet.
• Data viewing and report access using a using browser or on the cloud via Dropbox.
• Over 500 SafeTrack systems are installed worldwide.
• Translations available for the customers desired language.
• Wireless relay modules to control roof exhaust fans based on temperature.

OPI SYSTEMS, INC.Product Spotlight

OPI Blue
Remote Grain Storage Management

The future of grain storage management. Remote access to mobile or desktop devices—anywhere, anytime. Timely in-bin grain storage data will update directly to your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with automatic 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

• Remote control of your fans, up to 80% reduction in run-time*
• Weather station integration assists with fan control. OPI's weather station provides reliable information about the ambient temperature and relative humidity conditions and then calculates the Equilibrium Moisture Content.
• Hourly grain temperature and moisture readings.
• Grain inventory levels.
• Ability to view bins and multiple sites in a simple user interface.
• New features automatically download.

INTELLIFARMSProduct Spotlight

The Industry's Leading Grain Bin Management Solution.

You invest too much in your crop to run the risk of shrinkage or overdrying in your grain bins.

IntelliFarms' premier product, BinManager, dries, cools and even re-hydrates grain to your targets with precision. Using our patented 3G Plus™ Cables, BinManager measures the moisture and temperature throughout the grain mass and analyzes this data against the conditions of the outside air and the air in the plenum. From there, it determines and automates when the fans and/or heaters run.

You can easily track your BinManager's progress by logging into your email account, where you receive hourly updates on the moisture and temperature status of your grain and BinManager current status. No more manual probing or climbing the bins – you can check your Bin- Manager activity from your Smartphone, tablet or computer anytime from anywhere.

BINMASTERProduct Spotlight


The moisture sensor cable is used to monitor the ambient relative humidity at two to four different sensor points in the grain bin. The relative humidity is used to calculate grain moisture content using the EMC curve (Equilibrium Moisture Concentration).The data from these sensors is used to turn on the aeration fans only when needed to minimize shrinkage due to loss of moisture content. Crop-Protector™ Aeration Control software also shows the moisture content of the grain over time and displays the information on a trend curve. In most silos, a single moisture cable is all that is needed to monitor grain moisture content. Accurate, digital moisture measurement helps control losses due to spoilage that can occur if excessive moisture is present, or shrinkage due to moisture loss caused by excessive aeration.