Grain Vacs - Efficient piece of equipment

Farmers require an efficient piece of equipment to help them move crops from bins to trucks, bin to bin, or truck to bin. A grain vac can fit into small spaces that augers cannot. The pneumatic system of a grain vac is ideal for operators who move delicate seed.

In this product spotlight we are showcasing eight of the top grain vac manufacturers. Looking for more information on a listed model? Each company has their contact information listed below each product.

CONVEYAIR™Product Spotlight

CONVEYAIR™ grain vacs from Thor Manufacturing are great for cleaning out bins or storage facilities, unloading and filling bins, and cleaning up spills. They are the ultimate for their versatility, flexibility, safety, health, and gentle product handling all in one machine. Simply add hose or pipe to either the vacuum or pressure side of the machine and move grain a long distance in either direction. Conveyair's Blower Protection System not only minimizes machine maintenance costs, but it also conditions your grain by removing light debris or bugs.



HANDLAIR®Product Spotlight

The Handlair Model 680 grain vac features a larger blower, airlock, and discharge cyclone. An easy to convert machine inlet is also standard on the 680. Handlair machines have a 360-degree swivel intake cyclone with a camlock coupler, abrasion resistant steel cyclone barrel, and a stainless steel backup screen. Transferring grain faster and more efficiently makes the Model 680 an excellent choice for custom operators, large farmers, elevators, and seed companies.



BRANDTProduct Spotlight

With the Brandt 5200EX, turn one of farming's toughest jobs into a quick and easy task. The 5200EX has extended reach and high capacity of emptying out full bins and in clean-up roles. The 5200EX is capable of moving up to 5000 bushels per hour in wheat or up to 5800 bushels per hour in canola with a straight hose. The 5200EX has a low 70 hp requirement, which allows operators to use smaller tractors – cutting fuel costs, and lowering the cost of grain handling.



WALINGAProduct Spotlight

Do it all with the Walinga 7816 DLX Agri-Vac. The 7816 DLX puts an end to legs, augers, sweeps, and shovels. Grain handling has never been simpler, safer, or healthier. Just hook it up and go! No dust in the bin and 5,500 bu/hr on corn! The 7816 DLX Agri-Vac comes standard with: 36' of hose. Hydraulic boom lift and rotation truck loading kit. Dual inlets. Hose rack. SRT Super Hardened Blower. Self contained hydraulics. Rhino lined tank and cyclone. 2 YEAR WARRANTY! The list goes on! TOUGH TO BEAT IN THE LONG RUN!



KONGSKILDEProduct Spotlight

The Kongskilde SUC 1000TR tractor powered suction blower offers flexible and clean conveying solutions with truck loading capabilities. The 1000TR is available as a lift-mounted unit or as a trailer-mounted unit with loading boom. A powerful blower provides great conveying out-put. The Fan Guard System filters out the dust and abrasive particles, like soil dust, before it enters the blower, which helps to prevent excessive wear. Kongskilde offers a wide range of additional suction heads and pipe components to suit every conveying need.



REMProduct Spotlight{C}{C}

The VR12 is a continuation of the innovation and forward thinking that brought the VRX to the market. By utilizing VR Technology, REM was able to get 9,000-10,000 bph from the VR12 with a 130 HP tractor. The new REM VR12 will clean out your bins faster and easier than ever before. 1000 bushels in approximately 6 minutes will save you time and money. For added convenience, the Dust Collector is now available for the VR12. REM's revolutionary Dust Collector, keeps dust where it should…away from you!



VACBOSSProduct Spotlight

The VacBoss 6068 model's heavy-duty design will protect your investment over time providing a machine that will last longer and move more grain. Whether you run a large farm, bulk terminal, or provide transfer service, the 6068 delivers the flexibility and performance you need. The BlowerGard Filtration system, with nearly 100 percent filtrating efficiency, increases blower life and protects your VacBoss investment over time. High volume operators no longer have to budget for annual or bi-annual blower rebuilds typically necessary with conventional vacs.



FARM KINGProduct Spotlight

The Farm King 6644 grain vac offers farmers added flexibility for moving grain, whether loading or offloading the truck, cleaning out the bin, or transferring grain from one bin to another. At 5300 lbs, this self-contained unit can be easily pulled long distances by a pickup truck to remote locations where storage cleanup is required, without the need for a tractor. Because the unit is compact, it can also be used in areas with limited space, such as temporary storage facilities or bin locations with reduced access. The self-contained vac is equipped with electric braking and a light kit for highway travel. Designed for high capacity users, the high boom has heavy-duty stainless steel discharge elbows and a replaceable liner that can be replaced simply by removing the top on the receiver tank to greatly extend the life cycle of the grain vac.