Rubber Tracks & Tires - Choosing replacement rubber tracks or tires

High quality replacement rubber tracks will last longer and maximize machine uptime and productivity.

In this product spotlight we have highlighted ten rubber tracks and tire companies. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their phone number and website listed below each product.

Product Spotlight

GTW is one of the world's largest rubber track manufacturers supplying Premium OEM quality and Rugged Economical tracks for excavators and compact track loaders, GTW reinforced rubber track pads, Tank Tuff® rubber tracks for AG machinery and asphalt paving machines. Tank Tuff® tracks feature: One step vulcanization of the carcass and treads resulting in a stronger track – lugs won't tear off; A 5- layer high tensile strength steel cable system that exceeds OEM requirements; Premium virgin rubber compounds that were developed with high anti-cutting resistance. Multiple USA warehouses provide 1-2 day delivery to most locations. Over 12 factory outlets worldwide.


AGRIMAX SPARGOProduct Spotlight

AGRIMAX SPARGO is a special BKT tire for row crop applications and large sprayers.

It has been designed for enhanced productivity in the fields. The tire helps preserving the soil through more output but similar compaction.

The "VF" rating gives BKT SPARGO tire, a 40% more load carrying advantage at the same air pressure over a comparable standard rated tire and has a "D" speed rating (40 mph).

The tire provides excellent self-cleaning features in addition to a higher load capacity at standard air pressure

The design of the AGRIMAX SPARGO ensures outstanding traction along with strong stability both in the field and on the road

The AGRIMAX SPARGO is produced in 5 popular "VF" sizes for tractors and sprayers


TRACKMANProduct Spotlight

We have manufactured rubber tracks for agricultural tractors since 1992. Leading the way in performance and durability, our tracks are engineered and built to withstand the most treacherous field conditions. In addition to rubber tracks, we supply various associated undercarriage components to many of our customers, including:

• Rubberized Drive, Idler and Roller wheels
• Elastomeric Suspension Mounts
• Track Installation Fixtures
• Other Specialized Rubber Components


Product Spotlight

Soucy is proud to present its all new rubber track for Quadtrac and combine harvesters — the result of 50 years of experience in the development, design and manufacture of rubber tracks. Representing a durable and high performance alternative for Quadtrac and combine harvester owners, the track's clean design thanks to its compression is molding conception and its profile optimized for performance, comfort and durability. Soucy's track systems for trailers are versatile and can be used year round.


TRACK TECHProduct Spotlight


Exposed track edges are more vulnerable in the field. Firestone's optimum sidewall protection technology strengthens our rubber tracks to reduce damage by minimizing stress and bending.


A precise balance of tensile strength, flexibility, and durability helps these cables meet the demands of high-horsepower farm equipment.


Tread bars and main carcass are vulcanized as a single piece, binding it together for a seamless molded radius. The rubber compound was developed to provide added wear resistance.


Like the tread bars, our guide lugs are vulcanized seamlessly with the main carcass, incorporating a wear resistance compound for added durability.


Inside, a specially-formulated rubber compound offers additional cut resistance for the roller path area.


Adjusting the alignment is one of the most important procedures to prolong the life of the rubber tracks.


Product Spotlight

Camso has partnerships with most of the major OEMs in the ag market, including John Deere, AGCO, Case IH, New Holland and Claas. Camso tracks feature a heavy-duty track shield carcass with wear and puncture resistance to provide longer track life. The tracks also include chevron-tapered diagonal treadbars to provide the optimal balance between traction, cleanout, ground disturbance, vibration and ride quality. The company also offers conversion track systems for tractors and harvesters, and trailed track systems for carts, sprayers and planters.


Product Spotlight

Conquer extreme terrain with ease. Mattracks is the result of the imagination of founder Glen Brazier's 11-year-old son, Matt. After drawing a picture of a large truck with tracks instead of tires, the boy asked, "Could we make something like this?" Brazier gained a patent and began selling Mattracks in 1994. Mattracks has track conversion systems available to fit 4x4 vehicles as small as a Suzuki Samurai to full-size extra heavy duty trucks like a Ford F550 to agricultural and industrial tractors up to 100 hp. Mattracks also sells Trail-R-Mate systems for utility trailers.


GRIPTRACProduct Spotlight

GripTrac rubber tracks make harvesting in wet, muddy fields much easier. The tracks can replace tires on most combines, tractors, grain carts and self-propelled equipment with little or no modifications. The tracks' 36- in. width minimizes compaction and their 46 sq. ft. of bearing surface on the ground helps operators stay on top of most soils. GripTrac reduces fuel use by up to 20% by offering less rolling resistance in mud.


Product Spotlight

Summit Supply's tracks are made with Continuous Steel Cord technology to produce the among the strongest rubber tracks in the industry. The company blends natural and synthetic rubbers (no recycled rubber) and has eliminated jointing—the weakest part of the track— in its rubber tracks to help prevent premature failures. Summit manufactures tracks for many types of heavy equipment, including compact track loaders and backhoes.


Product Spotlight

Founded in 1997, ATI manufactures track systems for heavy equipment used in agriculture, forestry and construction. ATI offers both standard track modules and High Idler Module concept, featuring the advantage of the standard track systems but with a more aggressive attack angle allowing the module to climb over most difficult terrain. Ground surface debris is pulled under the track keeping the module and machine on top, which further improves flotation and minimizes surface damage.