Yield Monitoring

In this product spotlight we have highlighted three yield monitoring. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their website listed below each product.

AG LEADERProduct Spotlight

Ag Leader's owner, Al Myers, brought to market the first commercially-successful, on-the-go yield monitor, the Yield Monitor 2000, in 1992. Since then, its built on its mission of empowering growers to collect actionable data for decision making. It's always been about yield monitoring data accuracy for Ag Leader and that attention to detail and quality is recognized.

Ag Leader's industry-leading yield monitor is available in its full-featured InCommand™ displays, and now offers a simplified calibration process to cut calibration loads in half. In addition to high-resolution yield mapping, InCommand displays offer unmatched data visibility in the cab and on the go. When paired with AgFiniti®, growers can easily share yield maps, field coverage and guidance lines directly to the iPad, phone or other displays across the entire operation.


AGCOProduct Spotlight

FieldStar®II is a full featured, integrated yield monitor with the C2100 display and comes standard on many AGCO combines. The FieldStar®II records important machine and crop data including yield, moisture content, engine load, fuel usage and sieve settings, allowing growers to use the knowledge collected at harvest to analyze and adjust tillage, fertilizer, seed rate and improve application of insecticide and herbicide treatments for future crop production. The system's standard ISO XML data format is compatible with the major Farm Management Information Software (FMIS) platforms currently on the market.

FieldStar II enables you to collect the data you need to make business decisions:
• Collect data that enables you to make the best decisions to maximize yields with given resources (Planting, Harvesting): GPS recorded yield data enables you to make the best decisions regarding seeding and fertilizer rates
• Gather the necessary information to create accurate prescription maps
• Collect data on averages, site-specific yield information, grain loss, grain temperature, etc.
• GPS referenced markers allow you to save points of interest throughout a field for later viewing (rocks, field conditions, weeds, etc.)
• Get the data you need to estimate profit and make business decisions: crop moisture, crop temperature, Bu/ac- (instant and averages)



YieldSense, the yield monitor from Precision Planting is the most accurate easiest calibrating yield monitor on the market. YieldSense only requires one calibration load per crop vs three to five per variety or moisture or any other variable that changes throughout the year for other brands.

on the market today require re-calibrating any time test weight, moisture content or varieties change to give you accurate results. Do you have time to re-calibrate your yield monitor multiple time a day? Can you afford to have inaccurate yield maps that you are basing input buying decisions on? Are you using your yield maps that could be off as much as 15-20% just because you changed varieties to pick the best hybrid to plant next year? Using a inaccurate yield monitor could cost you big time make the switch today! See website for more information.