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Since 1975 Farmers Hot Line (FHL) has been producing print publications serving the agricultural industry with targeted, cost effective advertising solutions. Today FHL is taking it to the next level by introducing multi-media advertising opportunities for YOU to choose from. By growing our digital subscribers, FHL helps advertisers grow into new markets while we help keep our planet green.


Each Farmers Hot Line issue contains regional specific products, services, product reviews, new product spotlight, and a glance at the past story. Farmers Hot Line has been recognized as a valuable tool for farmers and ranchers since 1975.

Along with mailing single copy magazines to farmers and ranches, Farmers Hot Line is also available at farm equipment dealers, elevators/coops and ag related business though out our regional states.

Learn more about your advertising opportunities with Farmers Hot Line, 800-247-2000.

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To complement our print readership, every FHL issue is published in a digital format. If you'd like to receive the newsletter when your regional issue is published or any of our regionals and other publications, use the link below. Our digital readers have the advantage of receiving the new issue as soon as it is closed! Readers have the option to print an advertisement or email it to a friend or colleague. Additionally, advertisers can choose to embed their videos into the publication, bringing their ad to life. FHL advertising takes your message to the growing group of readers who prefer to access their digital issue while "on the go" or "in the field".

Web Banners

Showcase your company on our website with banner advertising. All banner advertising is directly linked to your company website. Many different designs, sizes and locations are available.


You now have the option to promote your company through actions, not just words. At a very affordable rate, we can embed your video into our digital version of FHL and our video library on this website. We invite you to take advantage of this feature, as it is not offered with other online flip books and websites.


Farmers Hot Line is part of the Catalyst Communications Network publication family.