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Ausra Equipment

Family owned and operated since 1964, we have always been here to help with our family farm's and large corporations in any way we can in the agriculture industry. We strive to put our customer's first and try our best to keep you in front of the game! We started small and grew a little at a time when we could. We love being a part of the South West Michigan community and could not have set up camp at a better spot to assist with all your needs! Over the year's we have grown to know many of our local's very well and we cherish those relationships with the people that support us!

In 2019, we made one of our largest move's to date and built a brand-new dealership in Wayland, Michigan, to help support our customer's that were just a bit too far from our base location setup in Dowagiac. We have been welcomed with open arms to our new second location and appreciate all our existing and new relationships we are now building in Wayland. As a family we look forward to the next sixty years of assisting with all your farming needs here in South West Michigan.

Herb Gust

Phone: 269-782-7178



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