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Hoppe Irrigation

Richard Hoppe established Hoppe Irrigation in 1984. After attending College, Richard returned to the family farm and pulled tow-lines across the farms sandy soils to irrigate the farms crops. He quikly realized that tow-lines were labor intensive and non-efficient. He knew that a less labor intensive means of irrigation was necessary and saw the potential that center pivot irrigation offered. He began moving and erecting center pivots from across the entire United States into Nebraska’s Platte River Valley.

In the fall of 1988, Richard became a T-L Center Pivot Dealer. Years of hard work and dedication have transformed Hoppe Irrigation from a one-man operation to the United States largest independent T-L center pivot dealership. The product lines carried by Hoppe Irrigation have also diversified over the years to include grain handling and steel building product lines.

Richard Hoppe

Phone: 402-276-2190




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