Washburns Service Center

Washburn’s Servicenter was started in the basement of Barry Washburn’s house. This is where Barry used to rebuild, repair, and sell used Porsches. This transformed into the Washburn’s Mobil Gas station at the I-89 entrance ramp.

This is where Washburn’s became well known in the area.

Catering to folks who’s cars would literally break down in the yard after coasting off the interstate. Here was a place you could get friendly, fast service at a fair price. In 1987 Washburn’s Mobil was transferred into a convenience store. Washburn’s Servicenter was created and moved to its current location at 83-4 Huntington Road. In that time the customer base has grown significantly.

In the spring of 1992 Brian Washburn joined the company. In 2006 Brian and his wife Lisa purchased the business from Barry and Jackie Washburn. 

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