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Larson Farm & Lawn Inc (Anderson)

Dear Customer,


It is my belief that the biggest factor in the success of any company is the people. The people we employ are the first step towards success, and then the next step is the business relationships we have the opportunity to develop. With 9 locations across Missouri and Arkansas, having the right values practiced by our employees is what makes it easy for you to find the right products while experiencing the best customer service. Your happiness is the measurement of our success.


All of our employees at Larson Farm and Lawn follow three company principles:


  1. Listen and respond to customers, employees, and suppliers.
  2. Ensure quality work through a proactive process of continuous improvement and employee training.
  3. Excel in the timely delivery of goods and services.


The little things truly make a difference. It comes down to treating people the way you would like to be treated. When you have a solid group of men and women who go above and beyond to help one another just like at Larson Farm and Lawn, you find yourself walking into a store where the atmosphere is just right and you leave with the intentions of coming back even if it’s just to say hello.


As the president of a company that employs hundreds of individuals with a variety of personalities, I understand that mistakes can happen. But if a mistake does happen, we look at it as an opportunity to prove to you how dedicated we are to our customers by making things more than just right.


With a warm smile and a firm handshake, I would like to welcome you to Larson Farm and Lawn.




Glenn Larson

Lee Hodson

Larson Farm & Lawn Inc (Anderson)

Phone: (417) 436-3333


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