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WOOD & Co.

Founded by Tim Day in 1998, WOOD & Co. offers a full range of high-end interior wood products. With a focus on both residential and commercial hardwood interiors, we are a one-stop gallery of fine wood products. Based in Marietta, GA, we ship our products country wide. We pay special attention to our customers’ needs, which is why we provide extra care to customers objective and to the creation of custom samples, CAD drawings, and other specifications. We provide decorative wood trusses, hardwood flooring, wood panelling, custom-patterned flooring, timber construction, brackets, beams and doors. Visit us at or call us at 770-514-0129 for more information. Call us at (770) 514-0129 or mail us at Our address : 801 Breckinridge Road, Marietta, GA - 30064

Tim Day

Phone: (770) 514-0129


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