Product Spotlight

Compact Tractors

Let’s review: in the 1940s and ‘50s, most American farm tractors developed anywhere from 20 hp to 50 hp available on the drawbar or PTO.

Then, in the 1960s, a horsepower war began and manufacturers quickly developed larger, high-horsepower models to accommodate larger, more efficient tools and implements.

But today’s compact tractor manufacturers haven’t forgotten the utility that an acreage or farming operation gets from the tractors of your grandpa’s era. Compact tractors today are far more comfortable, easy to operate, and in general do more than ever before.


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Zero Turn Mowers

One benefit of having an acreage is being able to gaze over a large, manicured lawn that’s just perfect. It’s a view to admire and one to inspire.

Nothing gets you there as well as a Zero Turn Mower (ZTR). Pros use them, and we should too—they’re much faster, typically wider, and produce a soccer field-like cut in a fraction of the time than heavy, slower machinery. Plus, they are so maneuverable, ZTRs can put a grin on your face the whole time.

We’ve collected a dozen of 2020’s most notable ZTRs for your enjoyment, but it might be hard to pick just one. 



Bale Accumulators

Small hay bales have steadily grown in demand due to ease of portability and hay quality.

Large agriculture equipment companies have responded with higher output balers, which only leave the bale on the ground for manual pickup, stacking and movement. Bale Accumulators answers the producers’ problem by creating a one-man baling system.


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Rubber Tracks & Tires

Choosing replacement rubber tracks or tires.

High quality replacement rubber tracks will last longer and maximize machine uptime and productivity.

In this product spotlight we have highlighted ten rubber tracks and tire companies.

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Bale Wrappers




Lock in Silage Quality Using Bale Wrappers

Although storing hay inside a barn is preferred, it's not always possible. Wrapping hay shortly after it' s cut can help preserve nutrients and reduce spoilage from outside storage. Quality feed means healthier livestock. We took a look at some of the major bale wrapper manufacturers. Read more

Tree Removal Equipment

Tree Shears and Tree Pullers

Trees can provide vital shade to livestock in pastures during the summer months, beauty to any landscape, and even cut down on your homes cooling bill. Sometimes, however, you need to remove trees for a variety of reasons. Read more

Planter Attachments

Find the latest in planting attachments.

In this product spotlight we have highlighted ten planting attachment products.

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Bale Processors - MFG 2019

In a livestock operation there are many important ingredients that will help ensure success—hay bales are one of those ingredients.

Using a bale processor will allow you to maximize each hay bale. From feed to bedding, a bale processor can make your operation more efficient.

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Product SpotlightFAIR 7830-TD BALE PROCESSOR

Fair Manufacturing Inc. is now introducing its newest top discharge bale processor model. Read more

Grain Augers

AUGERS THAT FIT THE FARM - The latest grain augers offer increase productivity and durabililty.

  Massey Harris employee Peter Pakosh invented the grain auger in 1945 in the basement of his Toronto home and completed a prototype in 1946. Massey rejected his idea so he started his own company, Hydraulic Engineering. Since then, grain auger technology has continued to be refined and perfected for more efficient ways to move grain into storage. We took a look at some of the latest auger models from the top manufacturers and their key features.

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Grain Monitoring Equipment

It's like money in the bank.

Protecting your investment is easier than ever due to advancements in grain storage monitoring systems. These new systems faithfully monitor and guard your grain.

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