Bale Accumulators

Small hay bales have steadily grown in demand due to ease of portability and hay quality.

Large agriculture equipment companies have responded with higher output balers, which only leave the bale on the ground for manual pickup, stacking and movement. Bale Accumulators answers the producers' problem by creating a one-man baling system.

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AC1000Product Spotlight

The AC1000 mechanical design requires no external hydraulics, PTO, or electrical connections. Each bale triggers a series of switches, guiding the next bale into proper location and then releasing the entire pack when full. Each pack of 10 bales includes two bales positioned in the opposite direction. This cross-over pattern strengthens the stack as it builds by tying the bales together. Connect directly behind your baler for instant gathering as you bale or use your truck with the optional hitch adaptor. Floatation tires, which come standard, are wider and provide lower ground pressure, minimizing compaction in soft or wet soil conditions.


Product Spotlight6240 BALE BARON

The 6240 Self-propelled Bale Baron is powerful, versatile and designed to increase bale production without the use of a tractor. The work is all out the front compared to other Bale Baron models pulled behind the tractor. Powered by a Tier 3 JD 173 hp 6 cylinder turbo charged diesel engine, the 6240 has a road speed of 30 mph, top in-field pickup speed of 12 mph and a maximum capacity of 1100 bales/hr. The Bale Baron packages small square bales into bundles of 21 which are tied securely with twine by a Rasspe knotter. With a front-end loader the bundles are easily moved off the field and in/out of storage.



The Parrish small bale accumulator is designed to eliminate labor. This unit allows one man to clear and accumulate an entire field of hay in just a fraction of time. Meaning one person can rake, bale, accumulate, load, and store a 5 - 7 acre tract in one days time. It hooks behind any square baler in seconds without utilizing pumps or tractor hydraulics. The 10-bale configuration is set up to turn two bales sideways so when loading a trailer, the bales will stack easier and be more stable. This configuration fits a standard eight foot trailer.


Product SpotlightMODEL 1000

This unit attaches directly to the baler at two points – the baler's wagon hitch and stabilizer hitch – to keep the accumulator aligned with the bale chamber at all times. As the bales are placed on the accumulator, a pivoting arm lifts two bales and spins them a quarter turn to help maintain shape, prevent hay spoilage, and mold is reduced. When fully loaded, the bed automatically dumps with no need to stop or slow down. The high dump angle assures that all the bales will slide off evenly.


Product SpotlightBALE SWEEP

Rocky Mountain Bale Sweep is different from any other product in the market. We understand the challenges of harvesting hay and the importance of maintaining nutritional quality that customers demand. We will not compromise forage quality or bale integrity by dragging hay during the accumulation phase.

Rocky Mountain Bale Sweep is a sturdy, well designed unit, made in the USA by a top notch fabrication shop and protected by a powder coat finish. The spring loaded front end allows the forks to follow the ground contour. Attachment will pick up and load or accumulate for use with a grapple.


Product SpotlightMODEL 950

Smooth, precision functions keep up with any baler's production and our feed chain eliminates jamming by automatically pulling bales away from your baler, so the accumulator does not have to run fast in order to keep up with the baler. Plus, our dump system matches your ground speed, without dragging the bales on the ground so it creates tight, uniform packages every time — even on steep or rough terrain. Our Model 950 also creates a "tie" package which gives you the ability to build stable stacks without hand labor.


Product Spotlight1034 ACCUMULATOR

The innovative design of the Kuhns Accumulator allows it to be fully automated without the use of hydraulics or electronics while keeping up with any capacity of baler. It works using excess energy from the baler plunger to push the bales to the top of the front chute. Then, as gravity moves the bales downward, the last bale in each row swings a door to open the next row. The last bale in the grab opens the back gate. As the accumulator unloads itself, springs and counterweights return all of the gates back to their starting position before the next bale arrives, all without slowing down. With eight models ranging from 4 to 18 bales, Kuhns has an accumulator to fit any size of farming operation.


Product SpotlightHAY ACCUMULATOR

The Out-Front Hay Accumulator is an economical and highly effective way of accumulating hay bales. Built of strong 2x2 tubular steel it can holdup to the most demanding of field conditions. It's 'out-front' where the operator can see what is happening and it's easily maneuverable. With no moving parts, the Out-Front Hay Accumulator will provide years of service at an economical price with no maintenance. A skid-steer loader quick-hitch attachment is available.


Product Spotlight2018 MODEL 8500 STINGER STACKER

They are available in up to 475 HP, Can average 160 bales per hour to the corner of the field, and are American made, built from the ground up in Burrton, KS.