Bale Processors - MFG 2019

In a livestock operation there are many important ingredients that will help ensure success—hay bales are one of those ingredients.

Using a bale processor will allow you to maximize each hay bale. From feed to bedding, a bale processor can make your operation more efficient.

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Product SpotlightFAIR 7830-TD BALE PROCESSOR

Fair Manufacturing Inc. is now introducing its newest top discharge bale processor model.

The Fair Manufacturing model 7830-TD allows casting up to 100 feet and is ideal for reclamation, bedding, stock piling and feeding. The heavy duty construction features new large oil bath drives for the rotor and blower, eliminating all belts. The auger and blower are built on the same axis of rotation creating less moving parts and providing an easy transition for hay making it ideal for wet materials. The patented aggressive rotor with 5/8" thick flails has superior processing speed and durability, saving time and money. The 7830-TD also features the patented bale ejection door, as well as large access panels for both the rotor and auger. These enable the operator to safely access all components from the ground without having to enter the machine. The 7830-TD is easy to operate. Using the full feature in-cab controls the operator has complete control over machine's aggressiveness and can easily and precisely spread material where desired. The all-new 7830-TD by Fair Manufacturing Inc. is a must for any bale shredding application.


Product Spotlight

The Bale Boss R is a self loading round bale processor. Designed to run off the hydraulics from your skid loader or loader tractor, the Bale Boss R is operated from a full-featured wired controller. The no-fuss apron chain design unravels the bale into the processing flails blowing the material out the side. The BOSS R uses adjustable restrictor bars to control the flow of material to the flails, ensuring consistent feed and processing. The Boss R is the ideal processor for bedding straw, corn stalks, and processing dry hay bales up to 4' x 6


Product Spotlight

The Bale King 8200 processes both round and square, straw and silage, soft core and hard core, twine and net-wrap bales with ease.

The patented X-Rotor design with heavy ¾" x 1 ½" flails spins at 1000 rpm and acts like a large centrifugal fan blowing straw up to 60 feet. The X-Rotor design makes twine removal a breeze. Our exclusive chainless rotor drive gearbox eliminates the maintenance nightmare of belts, chains and sprockets.

All models offer a hydraulic main deflector that makes switching from windrow or bunk feeding position to bedding and transport position effortless. An optional fine chop kit is ideal for long greenfeed material or silage.

Bridgeview has over 25 years experience in the industry, and our line of bale processors are built to last.



The model 2958 right-hand discharge bale processor features: Exclusive rocking cradle design handles all types of bales.Process high moisture hay and silage bales. Left or Right discharge. Load up to 20 small square bales. Full adjustable loading forks handle all sizes of bales. Simple hydraulic valving activates cradle rock and speed. Easy cradle travel adjustment. Built in PTO shaft & hydraulic hose storage bracket. No belts, no chains. Hydraulic lift available. Unibody frame construction with high clearance. Deflector windrows product or feeds directly into bunks. Easy access to shear pin. Remove twine through access door opposite of discharge.Optional hydraulic deflector lift. Fully adjustable clevis hitch. 12.5 x 15 Treaded Tires.


Product Spotlight

The Mighty Giant Model 2015 PTO Driven tub grinder by Jones Manufacturing is the most durable, highest capacity PTO tub grinder in the industry and it is designed for heavy duty commercial use. Our grinders will grind any shape or size bale or loose forage, including grain. The tub tilts hydraulically (something we've been doing for over 50 years) for easy access to the hammers and screens. A multi-function remote control system. Screens are available in a wide range of sizes, with custom configurations available because we fabricate our own screens. The 14" discharge auger under the mill allows trouble free grinding with less mess under the machine.

All Mighty Giant Grinders are of commercial, heavy–duty quality, designed for the high capacity grinding at a low cost per ton. With a Mighty Giant, you not only get a host of operator friendly features, but also the security of years of durability.


Product SpotlightNEW! CFR960 BALE PRO®

Real Flexibility - Process Square or Round Bales - Ideal for feeding and bedding - the CFR 960 Bale Pro® offers all of the proven design features found on the Highline Bale Pro® series but with the added flexibility to quickly shift between round or square bales as desired... as well as other beneficial design features that improve feed quality and consistency.

The unique engineering of the CFR 960 Bale Pro® allows you to efficiently process square or round bales - the choice is up to you! This is useful when you have multiple feed suppliers using different bale types.


Product Spotlight

The 2655 "Shortcut" Balebuster from Haybuster provides a consistently shorter cut product with the use of heavy-duty flails requiring no special options. The 2655 features right side discharge/deflector as well as the hydraulic controls. Haybuster's bale processors feature a one-hand latch operation feature that uses torsion springs to hold the bulk of the deflector's weight. The 2655 shredder chamber has nine adjustable slug bars and threechain slat conveyor allow you to process all types of bales. The 2655 allows you to carry a second bale to increase productivity.


Product Spotlight

Kramer Manufacturing offers two models of the Ranch Hand Bale Processor. The Ranch Hand Bale Processor is offered in a four bale and a six bale model to meet your needs. Ranch Hand Bale Processors are ideal for all feeding needs, whether you are range feeding, laying windrows, bedding, or bunk feeding. Bales are conveyed straight into the grinder without dropping them in saving wear on your processor. The Ranch Hand is designed to remove dirt, mildew, and mold during the grinding stage leaving you with a cleaner, better quality of feed ultimately keeping your livestock healthy.


Product Spotlight

The Final Cut FPX9000 bale processor combines cutting consistency, speed, and versatility to provide true fine cut capability and a rapid processing time. The FPX9000 delivers a consistent cut length of 1¼" to 4" with the high-speed rotor engaged by passing through multiple cutting points. The FPX9000 is ready for windrow or bunk feeding, or processing material into a bunker or other storage item for mixing rations later. Plus, an optional powered sidewall gives you the versatility to process round or square bales, or adjust material cut length by simply disengaging the high-speed rotor.


Product Spotlight

The Ravage Bale Processor is designed to maximize your processing time with the ability to hold up to 3 square or 2 round bales including a variety of bale types and sizes. With the live floor design and easy bale visibility, the operator has full control of the processing while having the ability to discharge bales that aren't needed. The adjustable beater and aggression bars give you the flexibility you need to adapt to any bale size while the high performance design has the strength to handle your most challenging bales.