Compact Tractors

Compact tractors are the top-selling machines this year for good reason.

They can handle a broad range of duties, from mowing, landscaping and material handling around the acreage, to small farm and commercial chores. We decided to take a look of some of the latest midrange compacts (28-50 engine hp).


Industry-redefining eco-friendly Tier IV sub-compact and mid-compact models. The backbone of all Max series tractors is a full-length tractor frame that will allow users to install a backhoe at any time. The Max series have a wide range of attachments and implements, including a driver-over mowing deck, snow blowers, blades, brooms and feature the highest capacity loaders in the market.

  • Key Features:
  • Max Versatility – Choose up to 15 implements to handle any task
  • Max Maneuverability – Best in class turning radius to get work done in tight spaces
  • Max Comfort – Easy turn seat for Tractor – Loader – Backhoe operation, easy on and off with an open platform.
  • Max Stability – Bigger tires, better traction, stability and safety for all jobs
  • Max Lift Capacity – Lift more, carry more, pull more and get more done
  • Max Engine Performance – 28% lower RPM results in smooth, quiet operation and less fuel consumption
  • 7-year limited powertrain warranty*
  • Ideal For:
  • Specialty / Hobby Farming
  • Rural Lifestyle
  • Equine
  • Home
  • Grounds Maintenance / Municipal

    Product SpotlightT554 (GEAR / HST) - 55.1 HP MODEL · COMPACT UTILITY TRACTOR

    No task is too big or too tough for TYM's T554 compact tractor. Foldable ROPS, Rear wiper (CAB models only), projection headlamps, dual air filter, and hydrostatic power steering will deliver the workforce you need.

  • Main Features
  • Robust Front Axles and Power Steering
  • Conveniently Located Radiator Screen Net
  • Dual Gear Pump
  • Hydraulic Lift Capacity - 3314 lbs
  • TYM

    Product SpotlightBOOMER 35-55 HP SERIES

    THE ULTIMATE POWER TOOL - If you have a large property and a wide variety of chores, step up to a deluxe Boomer™ Compact Tractor. Regardless of the horsepower, transmission, or operator package you choose, you'll find Boomer tractors are free from clutter and are easy to operate. Their exceptional power, maneuverability and simple maintenance make them ideal for homeowners, landscapers and part-time farmers alike.



    A turbocharged, 3-cylinder, 1.9-L engine delivers increased power to the Compact Farmall A series tractor lineup. Models range from 32 to 36 hp (28-34 PTO hp). These engines also provide greater displacement and up to 20 percent greater torque output over previous models.


    Product SpotlightXR SERIES

    35HP, 40HP, 45HP, 50HP and 55HP medium to heavy duty premium 4WD compacts that come fully-featured as open station or cab with unmatched comfort.


    Product SpotlightMASSEY 38-101 HP UTILITY TRACTORS

  • Family includes:
  • 2600 Series
  • 2600H Series
  • 2700E Series
  • 4600M Series
  • 4700 Series
  • Whether it's rural lifestyle farming, professional or government use, these tractors are ideal for loader work, mowing, hay production or any other job you can throw at them.


    Product SpotlightDK10SE SERIES

    The KIOTI DK10SE Series takes performance and power to the next level with eight versatile models. Each comes standard with a Daedong® Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDI) that offers excellent fuel efficiency and low noise levels. While this eco-friendly tier-four engine offers operators a quieter work environment, the range of 40- to 58-hp in the DK10SE Series delivers plenty of power to get any job done. All models feature performance-proven, heavy-duty HST drives that deliver additional power and efficiency. The three-range transmission—offering Hi/ Mid/Low settings—with twin pedal operation makes the operator's job easy, smooth and safe. Features such as factory-installed cabs with air conditioning and heat can be found on several models and enable operators to perform tasks comfortably year-round. Adding to the functionality of the DK10SE series is the external threepoint control lever that allows operators to easily raise and lower the lift arms when attaching one of KIOTI's many implements. The level of convenience is continued with an illuminated dashboard, toolbox, center ridge hood marker to guide sightlines and a liftable hood that offer direct access to maintenance components.


    Product SpotlightB SERIES - 17.5 - 33.0 GROSS HP

    Take on everything from light construction to nursery work to small chores around the house with a B-Series 4WD tractor. With powerful new models and a host of performance-enhancing upgrades, the B-Series promises increased efficiency, power, and comfort – and delivers.


    Product Spotlight15 SERIES

    Branson Tractors designed their midsize tractors with rugged, dependability in mind.

    Standard features of the 3015R & H, 3515R & H and 4015R & H Midsize Series tractors are many of the same features offered on our larger tractors.

    3015H 30 HP; 3015R 30 HP; 3515H 35 HP; 3515R 35 HP; 4015H 40 HP