Grain Bins

We'll help you find durable on-site grain storage that will grow with your operation.

With another bumper crop forecasted for this harvest season and previous seasons' grain still in the bins, now's the time to consider expanding on-farm storage for next season. No matter how high yields are, favorable grain prices at harvest time are never guaranteed. Bins and hoppers protect one of your farm's most valuable assets so you can manage risk and capitalize on better prices when the market is up. We've rounded up bins from the leading grain-storage manufacturers to help keep your grain safe and dry so you can maximize profitability.

Product Spotlight

Sioux Steel bins are designed for grains weighing up to 70 lb./bushel. Farm bin roofs feature peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs. and are rated for 30psf ground snow load and 105 mph ultimate basic wind speed. Manufactured with 70,000-psi tensile-strength steel, Sioux Steel bins offer sidewall components with optimal strength. We offer Hopper, Farm, Farm/Comm, & Commercial Bins. Sioux Steel features the safest bin sweeps in the industry: the Daay Bin Paddle Sweep (5,500 bushels per hour); the Daay Power Sweep (for farm bins- 5,000 bushels per hour); the Interceptor Sweep (5,500 bushels per hour); the DPS 12K (12,000 bushels per hour!)

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Product Spotlight

Why sacrifice strength and long life for price? With AGI you can have it all.

Our roof systems are the strongest and highest rated in the industry.

We meet the highest load ratings for wind and snow, for non-structured roofs—and have the documented engineering data to prove it.

Every roof, sidewall and hopper we make uses G-115 galvanization, which adds up to 27% longer life than the standard G-90.

From sturdy ladders and stairs to roomy access doors—everything we do is focused on making your grain storage system as safe and easy to use as possible.

Our on-farm and commercial storage systems are rugged, reliable and long-lasting—providing outstanding performance and value over the long haul. Every grain bin is backed by a 5-year warranty.

We've engineered features that address key issues including personal safety, easier access, resistance to moisture, strength and stability, and reliability and performance over the long haul.


Product Spotlight

With increased harvest capacities and fluctuating grain prices, on-farm storage allows you the ability to store your grain until the time is just right to sell. With Superior's high-quality construction and some of the strongest roofs in the industry, you know your grain is going to be protected all the time. Superior farm bins range from 15- to 48-ft. diameters in both stiffened and unstiffened models. Superior forms its Herculok floors without removing steel so they are 12 percent heavier and twice as strong. Sturdy roof features withstand the harshest conditions, and Superior backs its farm bins with the industry's only lifetime warranty.


Product Spotlight

Since 1957, Brock has provided dependable on-farm grain storage that allows farmers to market their grain whenever they're ready. Brock's on-farm bins come in diameters from 15 to 54 ft. with storage capacities up to nearly 66,000 bushels. Bins are available in either a flat bottom or a hopper style and come in a choice of narrow or wide corrugation sidewalls. The bins feature a strength-providing roof design that offers up to 8,000 lbs. of peak load capacity with a ground snow load rating of 30 lbs. per sq. ft. Other features include easy-open access doors that require no tools, unique roof ventilation systems for more total ventilation and no roof cuts, and high-strength aeration floors with ample air distribution and easy clean out.


Product Spotlight

Designed for optimal crop conditioning and storage, Meridian's flatbottomed on-farm bins can easily be adapted for automated loading and unloading. Available in stiffened or unstiffened models, the bins are engineered to withstand stress caused by continuous use, extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy snow loads. With capacities from 1,897 to 57,324 bushels, Meridian bins come standard with a lowprofile door that includes swing-away inner and outer door panels for easy unloading, a complete sidewall and roof ladder, 5-in. corrugated high-strength galvanized steel wall panels, and an easy-to-use remote cap opener. Meridian also offers a range of hopper and SmoothWall bins.


Product Spotlight

From 1,000-bushel bins all the way up to 1.2 million bushels, GSI's full line of grain bins and accessories are customized to fit operators' needs and maximize profitability. GSI's on-farm bins range in size from 15 to 60 ft. in diameter with a variety of flooring, grain-conditioning and material-handling options to choose from. GSI's 40 Series line of grain storage bins feature the precision-engineered Z-Tek Roof System. Designed for increased load capacity, the system incorporates z-shaped rafters and purlins, clips, peak ring, flat top and roof panel for strength and protection. All GSI bins are constructed using the highest-strength steel available to handle maximum loads. Sidewall sheets are made from high-tensile steel that is rated up to 70,000 psi minimum.


Product Spotlight

Titan bins from Chief have long been used as an integral component of grain-management systems, developing a reputation for superior strength, durability and ease of installation. Available in diameters of 15'6" to 49'6" and overall heights of 19'2" to 82'3", there's a Chief stiffened or unstiffened bin to fit the needs of any farm operation. Chief's enhanced roof structure features one of the strongest designs in the industry, incorporating 30% more roof ribs than leading competitors. Chief farm bins have a two-piece portal frame door with an easy latch system to provide unobstructed entry without requiring the removal of cross ties, tie rods or tie bars. Bin sidewalls are created from high-quality galvanized steel with tensile strength up to 70 ksi.


Product Spotlight

Sukup offers farm bins with capacities from 1,848 to 73,711 bushels. Sukup bins feature 5,000-lb. roof load ratings and patented 22-in. anchor brackets that function as stiffeners for the plenum. An extra-large manhole with a 20" x 35.5" opening is a comfortable fit for most operators. A special latch holds the manhole firmly in place, and the cover lays flat against the roof when open. Sukup bin doors feature a reversible hinge that allows the door to open to the left or right, whichever works best for your layout. The inner doors open a full 180-degrees to rest flat against the sidewall, and there's no cross-bracing to block the opening.


Product Spotlight

On-farm grain storage bins from AGI MFS/Stormor are designed with details that add value, longevity and reliability to your on-farm grain storage system. MFS/York/Stormor bin floors feature longlasting galvanized construction and are available in a wide variety of styles to match the application, storage system and customer preference. Supports are available in either galvanized or welded styles and come in multiple heights to accommodate different sizes of bin unloading systems and fan transitions for optimal performance. A full opening door in the sidewall provides full and easy access.


Product Spotlight

Behlen's on-farm stiffened and unstiffened bins range in diameters from 16'5" to 49'3" and capacities up to 134,000 bushels. The unstiffened series of bins has an ample 32-in. diameter roof opening suitable for high-capacity filling equipment. Behlen's rigidized roll-formed roof panels work to keep a roof over your crop, even in the strongest storm. The standard flat-sided, trapezoidal corrugation provides greater strength, rigidity and wind resistance than other types of corrugation. The stiffened bin series has broad roof decks with large diameter openings and a variety of peak loads available to meet customer needs.


Product Spotlight

Conrad-American/Eaton offers on-farm grain storage bins from 15 to 90 ft. in diameter with either wide- or narrow-corrugated sidewalls. Customers can choose from three basic weights: standard, heavy and recirculating. A bolt-on base angle allows for ease of future expansion, such as adding rings to the bottom of the bin for additional storage capacity. The rigid rib design and 35-degree slope gives Conrad-American/Eaton one of the strongest roofs in the industry. An extra-large manway, 40-in. peak opening and safety ring are just a few features setting the company's bins apart.


Product Spotlight

Ideal for on-farm applications, SCAFCO's farm bins and silos range from 12 to 48 ft. in diameter with capacities up to 64,906 ft3. SCAFCO's farm bins provide an exceptionally strong storage solution by using high-quality galvanized steel wall sheets and roof panels. Units are equipped with walk-in doors, ladder systems and inspection hatches, and can be supplied with additional handling equipment and accessories to meet operators' needs. The onepiece, deep-rib corrugated roof panels offer optimal load-carrying capabilities, providing durability under heavy snow and ice loads.