For the Long Haul

The latest hopper trailers simplify grain transportation and handling.

We rounded up some of latest hopper trailers and their key features that will help you load/unload and haul your bulk commodities more efficiently.

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Product Spotlight

Since 1985, Neville Built Trailers from Neville Welding Inc. has manufactured several types of trailers for the ag market, including steel and aluminum grain trailers in lengths from 12 to 53 ft. Standard features of the steel trailers include a choice of 14-gauge corrugated vertical or horizontal sides, seamless hopper corners for optimal grain flow, 23-in. hopper clearance for rough terrain, Shur-Lok tarp system, aluminum front and rear ladders, and Teflon guides on traps for easy-opening doors. Options include side chutes, sight windows, air-ride suspensions, catwalks, electric trap openers, high sides and more. With more than 40 dealers across North America, the company is committed to quality workmanship, durability and standing behind its products.


Product Spotlight

Wilson Trailer produces aluminum commodity trailers for several ag markets. The popular Pacesetter and the original sloped-end Commander are aluminum grain hopper trailers, which come standard with the patented RollerTrap simplified trap opener. Twin sets of flexible straps pull the trap door open and closed with little effort. The stainless steel trap frame and aluminum door put an end to corrosion concerns, plus there are virtually no obstructions below the frame, which means "true" ground clearance for auger use with less interference. Wilson Pacesetter Super-B grain trailers allow more payload per haul by coupling two lightweight aluminum trailers together. The aerodynamic design features smooth, double-wall sides and closed ends to provide efficient year-around hauling capabilities.


Product Spotlight

Trail King's Aluminum Grain Hopper Conveyor Trailer is an advanced and reliable multi-purpose trailer. A strong stainless steel conveyor attaches to its standard aluminum grain hopper trailer with the option to be removable. Designed as light as 13,516 lbs., operators will have the freedom to haul more in every load. Faster seeding and fertilizing is made possible with hauling capacities of up to 1,402 bushels (heaped). Featuring an aerodynamic design, the Rolled-Side Aluminum Super Hi- Lite Agriculture Trailer is one of Trail King's best products for moving commodities. Achieve reduced cross-contamination between loads with the company's smooth continuous belt model, paired with raised belt flanges and a spring-loaded belt scraper. The ASHR models also offer reliable and low-maintenance performance with either the pintle chain or heavy-duty roller chain system and superior tailgate seal against the trailer body.


Product SpotlightTimpte Inc. has been manufacturing bulk commodity trailers for more than 135 years. The Super Hopper model became Timpte's flagship offering in 1980 and is the best-selling grain hopper in North America. Super Hopper models come in lengths from 22 to 50 ft. with many configurations. Tri-Axle models give customers larger payloads in states that allow higher weights with multiple axles. Gross weights from 90,000 GVW (6 axles) and 96,000 GVW (7 axles) are possible. The SL Series hopper was designed for the farm-to-market customers who prefer the look, style and slope of the front and rear body panels. The SL Series comes with the same standard features as other Timpte hoppers and is available in lengths of 40, 42 and 50 ft. Timpte now offers a 40-ft. Super Tender with a removable belt system that can be used year round for bulk delivery in lieu of having extra seasonal tenders sitting idle.


Product SpotlightDemco hopper bottom grain trailers started production as a Steel unit to the industry. This trailer was designed by farmers for the transportation of grain from the field to the farm or from the farm to your market. One of the most notable features of a Demco grain trailer is the ground clearance from the hopper allowing the best clearance in the industry. This ground clearance allows you the opportunity for your swing hopper augers to fit easily under the hopper of the grain trailer. Aluminum trailers 42-ft. and under come standard with 3-leaf heavy duty SAF Holland spring suspensions, and 50-ft. trailers come with standard air-ride SAF Holland suspensions. Standard 68-in. side walls provide a full view into the hopper from a combine cab. Demco can fulfill your hopper bottom grain trailer requirements in either Steel or Aluminum configurations.


Product SpotlightCornhusker 800 trailer manufacturer Truck Equipment Service Company has been building quality lightweight trailers in Nebraska for more than 50 years. Its product line includes 2- and 3-axle hopper trailers, aggregate hopper trailers, double grain trailers and more. The Cornhusker 800 Ultra-Lite is designed using high-test aluminum alloys, which makes it one of the lightest hoppers in the industry, weighing just 8,000 lbs. with full air ride and eight tires. The Cornhusker 800 Aggregate hopper trailer combines the function of a dump trailer with the light empty weight a Cornhusker hopper trailer. Each hopper on the Cornhusker 800 Aggregate trailer opens with a simple air-operated chamber, eliminating the need for massive hydraulic lift cylinders and other heavy hydraulic components.


Product SpotlightStoughton Platinum Series Grain Trailers are built for rugged reliability and years of dependable service. The trailers come in widths of 96 or 102 in. wide, a variety of lengths and capacities ranging from 900 to 1,550 bushels. Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, the easy-opening 2-stage door significantly decreases the amount of torque needed by the operator to begin emptying the load. For unloading at night, all Platinum Series hoppers come standard with two rows of 5 mini LED lights that are bright, grommet-mounted and easy to replace. The hoppers come standard with a 34-degree hopper slope for quicker cleanouts. An aluminum subframe with galvanized steel supports provides strength.


Product SpotlightJet Company Steel and Aluminum Grain Hopper Trailers lead the category with their PATENTED Rounded Hopper Bottom and Rounded Slopes. They're considered the easiest industry trailer to unload, with no 90° corners for product to hang-up. Jet's patented Easy Open Ramp and Bevel Door design means easy grain door operation. In fact, it's the only grain trailer available that uses the weight of the load to aid in opening the hopper door. This dramatically reduces the amount of force required to open the door when the trailer is fully loaded. Jet's Grain Hopper Trailers are purposely designed and intended to take the stress of farm use, both in and out of the field.


Product SpotlightCPS grain hopper trailers from Manac come in various lengths and are designed to be lightweight, affordable, reliable and long-lasting to help operators haul commodities any distance. Standard features include a front ladder and catwalk to allow drivers to check the load, a butterfly door crank for smooth and fast operation, corrugated sides for greater strength, 24x24-in. gear-operated hopper doors for quick and smooth discharge, and welded tarp bows with full-length ridge poles to reduce tarp sagging. Options include a side chute, 30x30-in. hopper doors, fold-down crank handles and additional side heights from 72-78 in.