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Irrigation Review (Center Pivots) Reinke

Reinke’s pivot-point systems are fabricated to withstand stress and force exerted on them by a pivot system and field conditions, which results in less stress on the drive train and minimal wheel tracks. Reinke’s unique single-leg tower is engineered to absorb stress that would otherwise be transferred to the pipeline, reducing component fatigue. Features such as long sweep bottom elbows, internal flex joints, and high-strength steel are all designed to give Reinke Systems endurance and performance power. The open design allows easy access to controls and other components that may require routine maintenance. All of this is designed to save users money by lowering ownership and maintenance costs over the life of the equipment.   

Reinke offers much more than just center pivot irrigators, including five types of water pipes in several different diameters to accommodate what your fields need this growing season and varying water conditions. The company also produces lateral move and swing arm corner irrigation systems, among with a variety of water application products and remote management systems.

Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc.
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T-L’s center pivots planetary gear drives operate at nearly 90% efficiency to get power to the ground with minimal wasted energy. The reserve torque protects against gearbox failure and ensures smooth operation of the center pivot at any speed. Control valves will stop the system if it gets stuck or misaligned. A sensor also shuts off the water at the same time to avoid damage to your system and your crops.

The hydrostatic drives in T-L's center pivot irrigation systems use the same hydraulic components growers are familiar with in other farming equipment, designed to save you time and money since they don’t require specialists to maintain. T-L’s center pivot gear drives are totally enclosed as well as directly couple to the motor to eliminate gear reduction components, U-joints, and any other moving and/or exposed parts. These features along with three gears as opposed to one absorb stress and extend the useful life of a T-L center pivot irrigation system.

T-L Irrigation Company
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From pivot point to last span, a Valley irrigation structure is engineered, constructed and field-tested to handle any operating stresses your machine may experience. Valley’s standard hot-dip galvanizing provides corrosion protection for longer life. This extended life means that Valley pivots command high resale value. All Valley irrigation systems feature the Valley Gearbox, designed to work under today’s most demanding growing conditions.

Valley offers a selection of options for center pivot irrigation, including the 225-foot span 8000 series. The 7000 series is engineered as a cost-effective irrigation solution for growers looking for choices when it comes to getting the most of large fields, while the new5000 series was created specifically for production agriculture in field sizes 10-60 acres.

Valmont Irrigation
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Zimmatic's pivot structural designs include exclusive features such as the Uni-Knuckle connector, split coupler, formed outlet (designed to eliminate leaking), and rust and external collector ring (designed to eliminate water flow restriction). Zimmatic’s center drive and gearbox are designed to save energy costs and extend the life of the system’s drivetrain at the same time. The company presents its customers with options from tire sizes to sprinkler packages so you can pick which system works best for your operation. Zimmatic also offers varied tower heights to meet specific crop conditions.

Zimmatic also offers ‘GrowSmart’ - irrigation control systems with the latest computer technology. These systems allow producers to remotely program and monitor pivot operation more efficiently and are designed to save time, labor, water, energy, and chemicals – in other words, money.

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