Manure Spreaders

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Product SpotlightHYDRA-RAM HR 880 SPREADER

This 24-ton hydraulic push-off spreader (880 bushel) makes short work of big jobs. Built for spreading bio-solids, heavy pen pack manure, and cleaning the sandy residue from the bottom of slurry stores and lagoons, the HR 880 will quickly spread the toughest materials in an even 30-foot spread pattern. The innovative 2-stage sliding floor is designed to minimize compaction and unload the spreader at up to 16 feet-per-minute! Other commercial grade features include stainless steel hydraulic lines, poly laminate floor, easy access grease banks, highway axles with 10 bolt oil bath hubs and air or hydraulic drum brakes. The driveline has no belts or chains but rather utilizes a direct shaft drive with clutch protection and a heavy-duty gearbox. The vertical beaters are balanced with interchangeable knives and claws and shielded greaseable bearings. Quick-detach beaters are mounted by a unique hook design making removal for stockpiling and re-attaching very simple.


Product SpotlightThe Nitro Manure Spreader represents a new generation of vertical beater manure spreaders. Feature-loaded, the Nitro spreads manure evenly and efficiently. The variable speed, hydraulically driven apron chain feeds fast-moving vertical beaters that 'bite' the load and throw it into the field with remarkable consistency, ensuring a finely spread application every time.

Built with smaller operations in mind, the Nitro 375RS is constructed with top grade materials to handle real day-to-day farming. With standard features including robust 5/8" apron chains, 34" diameter vertical beaters, and an adjustable guillotine endgate. The Nitro RS series of spreaders feature a limited lifetime apron chain warranty, steel box sides, and 3/4" poly board floors.


Product SpotlightKUHN Knight EasySpread® 1200 Series box spreaders are designed to haul and spread solid materials from small dairies and stables, including gutter manure, yard scrapings and bedding pack. These spreaders are built with quality components, yet are economical to meet the needs of the smaller livestock producer. The EasySpread box spreaders have a clean, streamlined design that sets the standard for small-capacity box spreaders. The low overall height of these machines makes for easy loading under barn cleaners and for use by small skid loaders.

The all-steel welded construction provides a solid framework and includes a reinforced tongue that pulls directly from the full-width axle. This results in a stronger, more dependable spreader since the unit is pulled from the axle rather than the front of the box.

The one-piece poly floor provides more strength and durability than individual tongue and groove boards. It reduces friction resulting in lower horsepower requirements than alternative types of floors. The 1219 is equipped with a polylaminate floor.


Product SpotlightH&S manufactures an array of spreaders in the following lineups: ground drive, standard duty, heavy duty, Hydra-Push and Top Shot. With more than 20 models, the company offers spreaders to manage manure on all sizes of farms. The right-side Top Shot discharge expeller system features a fine spread pan, additional side shields to cut down on drift of material to the tractor or spreader, and an adjustable top expeller shield. All these features along with a high-speed expeller provide an excellent spread pattern. Options include a hydraulic opening/locking lid, and a Digi-Star Nutrient Management Scale System with combined GPS/weight verification for accurate manure application and reporting.


Product SpotlightValued for their effectiveness, the tandem spreaders are manufactured with the same quality as the directional spreaders and remain a wise and economical choice for the smaller farms.

Our tandem axle is closed by a full length central tube, providing more resistance to twisting than the conventional open tandem axle. Its specific "V" shape design lowers the reservoir, thereby reducing the height of the center of gravity for greater stability. The wheels are located closer to the reservoir reducing the flex on the axle. The mounting system of the adjustable tandem under the tank can move the wheels forward to decrease the load on the draw bar or move the wheels behind to increase the load.



This versatile unit offers multiple spreading attachments which are easily removed for stockpiling.

The S-100 and S-200 Attachments offer unprecedented spread quality resulting in better use of your valuable manure or byproduct.

A 36" Silage Extension Package is also available to make added use of your investment.

Check this spreader out before you buy.

Your Meyer dealer will do a demo on your farm.


Product SpotlightJBS E-SERIES 2.0

The JBS E-Series 2.0 comes fully equipped with long link floor chain, quick attach beaters and steel idler sprockets making it a perfect option for a heavy duty yet affordable manure spreader. This tough spreader can keep up with the big boys with the same quality construction and innovation as our commercial models. Size matters, and with options ranging in length from 16'-26' there is surely one to suit your needs. With a load height of 92" the JBS E-Series 2.0 can be loaded with even your smallest equipment. With low maintenance gearboxes built to last and a class leading 25 ton spring suspension the JBS E-Series 2.0 is sure to keep you in the field. For more information on this and all of our quality built equipment contact:

sales [at] jbscanada [dot] ca or Visit

Product SpotlightWith a 250 bushel capacity, Pequea's 250P is designed to withstand the demands of today's mid-size farm. The manure spreader box is constructed of fully welded 10 Gauge High Strength steel. Our large PTO model manure spreaders include 2 speed gearboxes, with a neutral and cleanout setting.

  • Tandem Axle
  • Fine Spread Pan
  • Top Beaters
  • Hydraulic End Gate


    Steerable tankers have many advantages over non-steerable tankers. During cornering, the front tires of non-steerable tankers must skid sideways, while Jamesway Steerable Manure Tankers turn the wheels into the corner resulting in easy, natural turning. This means that the steering system not only reduces tire wear and strain on the axles, it also reduces road and field damage. Steering also minimizes the "jackknife" force on the tractor during cornering so Jamesway's high-speed steering system helps make road travel safer. The fully automatic system needs no operator input and the extremely simple construction of Jamesway's Mechanical Steering is easy-to-maintain.

    All Jamesway Manure Tankers are loaded with features to make the job easier and safer... front and rear fill indicators, front ladder, non-skid top walkway, super-duty discharge elbow and long-lasting LED Signal Lights are all standard equipment. The impeller blade and housing are made of T1 steel for long life, while the swing-open front door makes cleaning or servicing easy. The reliable oil-bath bearing assembly on the impeller is protected by 5 seals, providing trouble-free operation.


    Product SpotlightHow do you build the best manure spreader in the world? Start with Degelman, renowned for building legendary equipment for the past 50 years. The design is unmistakably Degelman. After five years of design, development, and intensive testing, Degelman introduces the most rugged spreaders available - the Degelman M Series.

    From the ground up, these machines have been designed with rocks in mind, from its proprietary retractable free-swing flails, super duty gearbox, smooth sidewalls and heavy-duty frame to its clean gate opening.


    Product SpotlightJaylor's commercial manure spreaders are engineered to be simple and robust, providing years of trouble free performance. Cambered commercial- grade highway axles and brakes are standard equipment along with oil bath hubs, making the chassis virtually maintenance-free. The optional hydraulic slide axle on the HD models allows for operation in the muddiest conditions, as dynamic load balancing provides on-the-fly tongue weight ratio adjustments from 0.5%-10%.

    The quick-attach vertical beaters and hydraulic guillotine door, provide a full 40' of consistent spread both from front to back of the load and across the width of the spread. Paired with our optional rear canopy, material can be precisely applied over 50' and from 4-15 Tons/Acre.