Post Drivers & Fencing

Choosing the right post driver or fencing equipment.

Putting up new fencing can seem like a daunting task. But having the right equipment can make the difference.

In this product spotlight we have highlighted ten post drivers & fencing equipment systems. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their phone number and website listed below each product.

Product SpotlightRHINO® - Gasoline, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Post Drivers and Pullers

Rhino has been manufacturing professional-grade post drivers made in the USA, since 1975. Rhino's flagship product, the Pro Series Gas Drivers, are designed to expedite any fencing job from T-posts to terminal posts. With every Rhino driver, you get:

Reliability - The highest quality components are utilized: time-tested Honda engines; virgin grade aluminum; S-7 tool steel; superior bearings, grease, and seals; Plus, a 3-stage quality control process - Ensuring years of worry-free operation.

Productivity - Lightweight and ergonomics allows for all-day operation; Powerful output/driving force; Patent Pending Chuck design properly secures specific posts for more efficient post driving and removal – Saving time and reducing manpower needs.

Product Support - In addition to the Rhino factory, there are hundreds of local sales & service Dealers ready to assist – Reducing downtime.

Satisfaction Guarantee - We stand behind every tool we make with both a Lifetime Warranty on impact parts and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee – Something not right, let us know.

Also available at Rhino - powerful and long lasting pneumatic and hydraulic post drivers and a selection of post pullers.


Product SpotlightREDI DRIVER - Change The Way You Build Fence!

The REDI Driver gas powered post driver offers easy one-person operation. The machine is powered by HONDA, weighs only 35 pounds, and offers 1820 blows per minute. You can install fence posts all day, and still have energy left!

REDI Driver has the best 3-year warranty on the market, and the best customer service!

We are a family owned business; you will always deal with a person who is passionate about service and product reputation.

The REDI Driver Classic has a 2" barrel and is ideal for t posts. The REDI Drive Boss has a 3 1/8" barrel & comes with a t post sleeve! Exclusive accessories include: handle extension kit for taller posts, magnum barrel for profiles up to 4", and customized storage box.

We always have FREE shipping.


Product SpotlightMONTANA POST DRIVER - E Series Post Driver

  • Universal Skidloader or Excavator Mount
  • Quick & Easy On and Off
  • Low Profile
  • Full Control of Post While Driving
  • Plumb Bob & Depth Gauge Chain
3 Sizes Available
  • Model 750E, 750 Ft. Lbs.
  • Model 1000E, 1000 Ft. Lbs.
  • Model 1500E, 1500 Ft. Lbs.


Product SpotlightSHAVER MANUFACTURING - Post Drivers

Farmers and fencing contractors who build fences for a living will tell you that you can't find a better post driver than a Shaver. Shaver's professional-grade post drivers are engineered for the most demanding jobs, from tough soil conditions to tricky side hills to having the ability to drive a wide variety of post types.

Standard Post Drivers
Shaver's standard post drivers offer professional-grade power and performance.

Universal Transport Post Driver (UTD)
Trailer mounted post drivers are here: UTD.

Grand Slam Springless Post Driver
Everything you expect from a Shaver post driver except the springs, blocks or studs.


Product SpotlightWORKSAVER - Post Drivers

Worksaver, Inc. skid steer and front loader mounted hydraulic post drivers quickly install and replace fence lines and set posts. For wood and steel posts, these post drivers produce a driving action to eliminate air pockets in the soil for an air tight post set. All models feature Worksaver's SplitCap™ with enhanced cylinder rod design allow operators to perform routine maintenance on the rod cap seal without removing the cylinder from the driver.

The standard duty model HPD-16 (32,000 lbs. of force) is ideal for the small property owners with limited fence posts to drive.

The Q-series hydraulic drivers, HPD-22Q (80,000 lbs. of force) and HPD-26Q (110,000 lbs. of force), feature two time-savings QuickChange™ systems to keep the operator building fence. Worksaver's SplitCap™ and patent pending Q-spring assembly to reduce spring change over from hours to minutes.


Product SpotlightROHRER MANUFACTURING - Man Saver

Rohrer Manufacturing's Man Saver Post Driver™ is the only multi-directional pneumatic post driver available on the market. Browse through our series of post drivers. Click on the post driver image to view details and purchase. Visit our user guide section at for instruction manuals and parts lists. To order parts, contact us directly at 1-800-980-7599.

  • S98E Basic T- Post Driver
  • 99E-X Post Driver 2 -1/4" Max Diameter
  • 99E-Y Post Driver 2 - 3/8" Max Diameter
  • 99E-M Post Driver 2 - 7/8" Max Diameter
  • 99E-W Post Driver 3 -1/2" Max Diameter


Product SpotlightSTOCKade - "Fed up with hammering in staples with a hammer?

STOCKade's mission is the revolutionise fencing by developing wire stapling systems that deliver a BETTER, FASTER and SAFER solution for every wire fencing job.

For the last 10 years the STOCKade has been making fencing staplers specifically designed for agricultural fencing. Designed and developed in New Zealand, with insights from professional rural fencing contractors, STOCKade's staplers have revolutionised fencing through significant productive gains with less aches and pains.

STOCKade has recently released the world's first cordless 9ga fencing stapler, the ST400i.

ussales [at] stock-ade [dot] com


Farmers and ranchers find the Timeless Fence System to fit a very important need in livestock management. Many livestock owners are moving away from barbed wire which is not only dangerous to animals, but is difficult to work with. Electric fencing is a rapidly growing category and the Timeless Fence System provides a product that is easy to install, safer for your animals, requires virtually no maintenance and will last for many years to come. This means you can have more time to spend enjoying your farm rather than fixing fences. Timeless Fence Posts is an eco-friendly and costeffective alternative to traditional steel t-posts and wood posts widely used in construction, farming, landscaping, and erosion control.



A tailor-made, fully insulated line post for low cost, low maintenance permanent electric fencing for sheep, cattle, deer and horsesc.

  • Easy to Transport
  • Long Life
  • High Strength Clips
  • Flexible Posts
  • Multiple Configurable Wire Heights
  • Fast and Simple Install
  • Strong Ground Anchoring


Product SpotlightDANUSER

Danuser's Hammer Post Driver is designed to drive T-posts up to railroad ties, all from the comfort of the cab. It features a revolutionary 40" drop hammer design, allowing the operator to achieve a full stroke each cycle with up to 35 cycles per minute. The unique short stroke feature lets the operator easily fine-tune post depth. The Hammer offers true one-person operation; it can pick the post up off of the ground, load it into the case, and drive it, making the Hammer one of the safest and most efficient post drivers available. The tilt option allows up to 20˚ in each direction. The driver uses no springs, hydraulic cylinders, or return lines, and best of all, there are no common wear parts. Mounting options include skid-steer, offset skid-steer for tractor front end loader, and Euro/Global. Visit to learn more or contact your local Danuser dealer for a demo today!