Seed Tenders - The latest in seed tending technology

In this product spotlight we have highlighted twelve seed tending equipment systems. Looking for more information? Each company and manufacturer has their phone number and website listed below each product.


Meridian takes the work out of loading seed into your planter or drill—decreasing the downtime in the field in order to keep your tractor and planter moving. Meridian has a large dealer network and sales team available to help you choose the right seed tender for your operation.

112BST - The 112BST has a compact design loaded on a trailer. This is a simple, basic unit that gives you the ability to reduce seed damage and fill planter boxes easily. The 112BST works great for handling commodities like corn, beans, wheat and oats. Unloads up to 400 lbs/minute and holds 110 units – 88 bushel capacity. Features a wired remote throttle control and powder coat finish…


The Three Box Lo-Pro
The Only Seed System Available With:

This BW5500 inline bale wrapper from Vermeer is designed to give large volume hay operators and custom operators fast wrapping times and more operational control. The three plastic film pre-stretchers on the BW5500 helps increase wrapping speed over machines with only two pre-stretchers. A digital controller allows the operator to apply a consistent number of wraps on bales with automation that consistently adjusts the wrap settings for environmental variat ions.

  • Safe, low-profile design
  • Available in 2, 3,4, 6 box units
  • 120, 200, & 300 unit bulk
  • Double axle brakes
  • Built like a seed tender
  • Finger tip seed control
  • Scale options available
  • Estart Honda motors
  • Powder coat paint
  • Fabricated by certified welders
  • Reaches any planter or drill
  • Patented Easiloc lock down / (866) 246-2588


405 SLD - In 2017, Meridian introduced the 405 SLD Seed Tender featuring a 24'conveyor with a 15' discharge. The long reach prevents unnecessary repositioning of the unit and fills the tallest bulk fill planters. New load sensing hydraulics and a cyclone hydraulic cooling system gives precise and smooth operation for each function and offers an efficient cooling system for lower operating temperatures. A 3 in 1 conveyor is a convenient self-loading feature and gives you the choice to use the conveyor independently. Producers can expect 100% clean out due to the steep angle hopper design. Manufactured in Storm Lake, Iowa, the 405 SLD unit is abrasion and impact resistant and looks great due to the high impact powder coat paint.


Low-Profile 2 Box Seed Tender
Other Seed Handling
Models Available!
  • Safe, low-profile design
  • Available in 2, 3,4, 6 box units
  • 120, 200, & 300 unit bulk
  • Double axle brakes
  • Built like a seed tender
  • Finger tip seed control
  • Safe, low-profile design
  • Available in 2, 3,4, 6 box units
  • 120, 200, & 300 unit bulk / (308) 548-2254


ADS Bulk Seed Buggy

Our team at Ag Dryer Services has designed the ADS Bulk Seed Buggy keeping in mind gentleness on seed, ease of use, lowest possible load height, galvanized construction for long life, road handling ability, and safety in all areas. Most commonly used for corn, soybean and wheat. We also have customers who use our seed tender exclusively for cotton, rice, and cover crops such as rye.

These seed tenders allow the grower to transport boxes of bulk seed directly to the field. The standard 3 section spout has a 30' range for filling individual row box planters. A shorter spout is available for use on bulk fill planters.

  • ST100 - 2 Box seed tender
  • ST200 - 4 Box seed tender
  • ADS Bulk Seed Tote - NEW! / (308) 856-4636


Precision Seed Delivery Systems

Par-Kan SeedWeigh tenders are the seed handler's choice in the field. SeedWeigh incorporates all the features requested by growers and seed dealers alike. The user friendly design allows you to deliver seed with precision and speed as well as easily transform into a self-loading tender. The KSi Conveyor delivers seed directly to your planting equipment with little or no damage. All Par-Kan SeedWeigh equipment is built tough to last and is protected by a powder coat paint finish to protect the life of your investment. Par-Kan offers numerous options so that you can equip your tender to best suit your needs. Changing Times talc applicators are now available on all Par-Kan SeedWeigh equipment.

SeedWeigh Tender Options:
  • - 275 Bushel Capacity, Bumper Pull or Gooseneck
  • - 375 Bushel Capacity, Bumper Pull or Gooseneck
  • - 2 Box Capacity, Bumper Pull
  • - 4 Box Capacity, Bumper Pull or Gooseneck
SeedWeigh Storage Bin: 400 Cubic Feet / 800-291-5487


220 Seed Tender

  • 6″Auger with 5″oly Cup Flighting
  • 5.5 HP Honda Engine (Electric Start Optional)
  • Electronic Variable Speed Throttle Control
  • 2 100 Unit Compartments (front and back)
  • 2 Shut Off Gates in bottom hopper
  • Sight Glasses to see seed levels
  • Ground Controlled Offset Lid for easy loading
  • Direct Drive (No Belts!)
  • 3 Stage Telescoping Spout
  • Delivers up to 8 bushels per minute
  • 35 degree slope for complete cleanout
  • Cleanout door at bottom of auger
  • Forklift loading brackets
  • Spring loaded auger hinge for easy up/down from ground / (800) 264-6587


The most versatile seed delivery system on the market today that incorporates the most preferred method for bulk seed handling.
  • Telescoping Conveyor Option available on 330/411, 240 and 160 Seed Tenders
  • 240 or 160 Bushel total capacity
  • 2 Compartment versatility
  • 8" Belt in a 6" tube
  • Conveyor pivots a full 180"
  • 100% Cleanout! No Cross Contamination as opposed to augers and cleated belts! / (620) 227.7106


55 Series Seed Runner Tender - Smoother, Gentler Self-Filling and Unloading with Lower Profile

Seed Runner seed tenders are ideal for the widest variety of bulk seed handling including corn, soybeans, cotton, peanuts and wheat.

Tank capacities are 400 seed units for model 3955XL; 375 seed units for models 3755XL and 3755; and 275 seed units for models 2755XL and 2755. / (419) 532-3121


Larger Capacity • Lower Center of Gravity
Luxury Controls • Longer Conveyor

The new LC Series Speed Tenders offer improved features to maximize your planting efficiency. The improved tank and support arm design features a large capacity tank with lower overall height, allowing you to carry more seed with a lower center of gravity while also making it easier to fill and more stable to transport over uneven terrain.The longer conveyor with large diameter round tube belt design makes it easy to reach the tallest central fill and widest box row planters. Our patented Tru- Trak with V-Belt conveyor is designed to reduce seed damage and premature wear on the conveyor belt due to misalignment. / (419) 375-2376


Seed Chariot Seed Tenders
With the operator friendly features you've come to expect from Parker such as speed, capacity, and convenience, look no further than the new Seed Chariot models 2620 and 3620 for your bulk seed delivery needs.

Hopper Box
  • Dual compartment box with 260- & 360-unit seed capacity
  • Steep-sloped sidewalls ensure fast and complete unloading
  • Standard Weatherguard roll-over tarp protects the contents from adverse weather
See our website for more details & products: / (419) 532-3121


D&K Trailers, Inc. has been building quality trailers for 27 years and one long standing is our rear flow Grain Trailers. We have Models 170 & 240 in small box and 300—450 in large box models. All sizes have the capabilities of adding folding augers, power units to create a seed or feed delivery system, fill planters, fill holding bins, fill feeders etc. The Versatility is being able to quickly take off the auger and use as a trailer to haul grain or any products that will flow out the back. Very easy to tow Gooseneck or ball hitch. Steeper slope for bulky products, less weight transfer to towing vehicle. / (866) 308-4849