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Product Spotlight: Combine Head Transport Trailers

As field sizes have increased, corn heads, drapers and platforms have become larger and more expensive. Combine header transport trailers secure that equipment, allowing it to be safely hauled from field to field and farm to farm. They keep equipment off the ground and are often used to store heads in barns and machine sheds year round. Some models are designed to travel at highway speeds, are licensable, and include lighting and brakes. We looked at several dependable models from the leading manufacturers and their key features. Read more

Product Spotlight: Ag Buildings

An agricultural building is no longer just a barn. It's an equipment storage shed, warehouse, milking parlor, free stall barn, workshop, office, home or any combination of these. Whether you need a place for your machinery, your livestock or even your family, consider structures from the following manufacturers.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. 

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As True as Steel: Here are a few things to consider when buying a steel farm building

By Logan Bahler

Farms have a lot of valuable "stuff"—farm equipment, livestock, crops and tools, just to name a few things. Farmers rely on their buildings to securely house and protect the things that are essential to their operations and shield them from inclement weather and theft. Outbuildings also offer space to perform equipment maintenance and repairs, and, as a testament to their versatility, also often accommodate offices.

There are several popular building-material options for farm structures today, one of which is pre-engineered steel. Read more

Product Spotlight: Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) Mowers

What Goes Around: A Look at the Season’s Latest ZTR Mowers 

If you tend a lawn that covers a lot of area, or you need to work around some challenging obstacles, a zero-turn radius (ZTR) mower may be the best option in your quest to keep your lawn looking great. Whether it’s time for a new mower or you’re shopping for an upgrade, here a few of the latest makes and models worth considering.


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Makin’ Hay: Newer Compact Drum Mowers and Belt Rakes Offer Efficiency and Productivity

By Pat Goodwin 

Farmers have come a long way from the days of cutting grass with a scythe and gathering it with a pitchfork in order to provide forage for their livestock. However, the process of making hay is still evolving. Recent advances in the design of hay mowers and rakes have made them even more efficient, versatile and productive.

Two such developments in forage management are mowers that can mow and ted simultaneously, and the increasing awareness in the United States of belt rakes, which can ted or rake with the simple adjustment of the machine. Read more

Product Spotlight: Bale Wrappers—Presented by Tubeline Manufacturing, Inc.

Tubeline bale wrapper

That’s a Wrap!: Lock in Silage Quality Using Bale Wrappers 

Although storing hay inside a barn is preferred, it’s not always possible. Wrapping hay shortly after it’s cut can help preserve nutrients and reduce spoilage from outside storage. Quality feed means healthier livestock. We took a look at some of the major bale wrapper manufacturers.   Read more

Finding the One: Industry Expert Offers Tips on Selecting the Right Tractor for Your Needs

By John Ewald

When purchasing a tractor, there are many variables to consider and many manufacturers to choose from. Each manufacturer offers several sizes of tractor rated by many methods such as horsepower, weight, size and lift capacities. The key to buying the right size tractor is to know what you want to accomplish with your machine. Will it be used primarily for tillage activities? Or will you be mostly moving material with a front end loader? How do you know what size is right for you? First, let’s talk about how “big” a tractor you need. Read more

Product Spotlight: Compact Tractors—Versatility in a Small Package

Compact tractors are the top-selling machines this year for good reason. They can handle a broad range of duties, from mowing, landscaping and material handling around the acreage, to small farm and commercial chores. We decided to take a look of some of the latest mid-range compacts (28-50 engine hp).



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Product Spotlight: Rubber Tracks and Track Conversion Systems

The latest in rubber tracks and conversion systems

Rubber tracks provide many benefits, including reducing ground pressure and deep ruts in fields; improving flotation and minimizing surface damage; increasing traction for better pulling efficiency; and offering a smoother ride on rough terrain. Farmers Hot Line decided to check out many of the latest offerings from the top manufacturers of rubber tracks and track conversion systems.


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Adding Over-the-Tire Tracks Makes Skid Steers More Versatile


Adding tracks over a skid steers’ tires improves the machine’s traction and flotation. Over-the-tire (OTT) tracks lower ground pressure for traversing soft soils such as mud, sand and clay, and provide a much smoother ride than tires. OTT tracks also improve stability on hills and help protect tires from punctures. We looked at several of the top OTT track manufacturers:


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