Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Grain Trailers

For the Long Haul: The latest hopper trailers simplify grain transportation and handling 

  Grain trailer manufacturers continue to innovate, increasing the strength and durability of their product lines while shedding weight. After all, more payload means more profit. We rounded up some of latest hopper trailers and their key features that will help you load/unload and haul your bulk commodities more efficiently.

 Wilson Trailer Co. Read more

Product Spotlight: Grain Augers

Movin’ On Up: The latest grain augers offer increased productivity and durability 

Massey Harris employee Peter Pakosh invented the first grain auger in 1945 in the basement of his Toronto home and completed a prototype in 1946. Massey rejected his idea so he started his own company, Hydraulic Engineering. Since then, grain auger technology has continued to be refined and perfected for more efficient ways to move grain into storage. We took a look at some of the latest auger models from the top manufacturers and their key features. Read more

Top 10 Tips for Safe Manure Application

Harvest will be here before you know it, and that means pork producers and grain farmers will soon prep for fall field nutrient applications. The Illinois Pork Producers Association reminds producers to pay attention to details, as they pump manure that will be applied on crop acres as a sustainable fertilizer option.

“Manure is a good crop fertilizer product. We have better tools, better methods and training, and better science than ever for using this valuable resource,” says Ted Funk, retired University of Illinois Extension specialist and pork industry consultant.  “America's Heartland has a fantastic infrastructure for growing grain, and several benefits exist for using manure for Illinois crops.” Read more

Product Spotlight: UTVs

Working Side by Side: the latest UTVs are the perfect farm hands 

Whether you call them utility task/terrain vehicles (UTVs) or side-by-sides, these compact workhorses can haul—in more ways than one. Known for their off-road performance, payload capacity and available attachments, UTVs have made themselves at home on many farms, ranches and acreages. Some new machines can even convert their beds into more passenger seating. We took a look at several of the latest UTV models from the leading manufacturers. Read more

Product Spotlight: Manure Spreaders (Presented by Tubeline Mfg.)

Smells Like Money: Get manure under control with the latest spreaders 

When properly managed, manure can be a valuable resource—adding nutrients to the soil to fertilize crops and pastures. It can also improve tilth and boost soil’s water-holding capacity. If not handled or applied correctly, manure can pollute the environment, including air and water, and attract pests. Many county extension offices provide resources on nutrient management and manure spreader calibration settings. We looked at several of the latest “honey wagons” to help you conquer muck and enrich your operation’s soil. Read more

Choosing an Outdoor Wood Furnace for the Farm

Here are tips to find the right unit for your home or operation 

By Brent Peterson  

Heating a farmhouse and farm buildings can be expensive. Outdoor furnaces that burn wood or wood pellets can be a great option for farms looking to control heating costs. For farms with wood readily available, that can mean eliminating heating costs completely. Read more

Product Spotlight: Outdoor Wood-Fired Hydronic Furnaces

The latest outdoor hydronic furnaces use less wood, burn cleaner

Many people rely on wood, a renewable resource, to heat their homes, outbuildings and water. Outdoor wood-fired hydronic heaters, also called outdoor wood-fired boilers or furnaces, burn wood to heat fluid, which is piped to buildings to provide heat and hot water. The efficient design of the latest “gasification” units extracts more useable heat from less wood than older types of outdoor furnaces. The high-temperature gas combustion significantly reduces emissions, prevents creosote buildup and minimizes ash buildup in the units when used with dry, seasoned wood. We looked at some of the latest outdoor hydronic heaters that meet the EPA’s 2015 emissions standards.

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Product Spotlight: Combine Head Transport Trailers

As field sizes have increased, corn heads, drapers and platforms have become larger and more expensive. Combine header transport trailers secure that equipment, allowing it to be safely hauled from field to field and farm to farm. They keep equipment off the ground and are often used to store heads in barns and machine sheds year round. Some models are designed to travel at highway speeds, are licensable, and include lighting and brakes. We looked at several dependable models from the leading manufacturers and their key features. Read more

Product Spotlight: Ag Buildings

An agricultural building is no longer just a barn. It's an equipment storage shed, warehouse, milking parlor, free stall barn, workshop, office, home or any combination of these. Whether you need a place for your machinery, your livestock or even your family, consider structures from the following manufacturers.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. 

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As True as Steel: Here are a few things to consider when buying a steel farm building

By Logan Bahler

Farms have a lot of valuable "stuff"—farm equipment, livestock, crops and tools, just to name a few things. Farmers rely on their buildings to securely house and protect the things that are essential to their operations and shield them from inclement weather and theft. Outbuildings also offer space to perform equipment maintenance and repairs, and, as a testament to their versatility, also often accommodate offices.

There are several popular building-material options for farm structures today, one of which is pre-engineered steel. Read more