Enviorpac, Inc. Adds New Auger Mount Dry Seed Treater

Enviropac, Inc. has added a new model of Dry Seed Treater to their line. The new “Auger Mount” model provides easier & more convenient loading height for the seed treater. The auger inclines & rotates to provide any seed treater location on the seed tender. The design keeps the treater vertical for even unloading, while delivering the seed treatment.

Both the “Direct Mount” and “Auger Mount” dispense talc, 80/20 talc/graphite or inoculants onto the seed. The models have an adjustable slide gate to match the flow of seed in the seed tender conveyor. Along with the low RPM/High Torque motor, this gives the treater the most accurate product metering in the industry. Enviropac, Inc. manufactures dry, liquid, and portable planter box seed treaters in Compton, Illinois.

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