You don’t need to go outside to see if your electric fence is working with this new flashing insulator that attaches to any fence post.  The Insulight works off the surges produced by your electric fencer. It consists of a blue HDP plastic insulator and an enclosure that contains a flashing red LED light that flashes with the pulse of the fencer. The flashing light can be seen from up to 1/2 mile away.

“It’s the only electric fence insulator on the market that flashes with the pulse of the electric fencer. If it isn’t flashing you know there’s a problem. It eliminates the need to do any manual fence testing,” says inventor Bill Brown. “It’s the only electric fence insulator that works on steel posts, wood posts, and T-posts, and with wire, braided rope, and tape. Another benefit is that the flashing light increases the fence’s visibility to deer in the early morning and evening.”
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