Hiniker Scoop Plow 6000 Series is the Ultimate Snowplow

Move snow more efficiently with a Hiniker trip-edge Scoop plow. The unique concave shape captures snow, providing greater capacity, less spillage, and faster, more efficient plowing. The Scoop plow features a trip-edge with nine inch high pivot point that trips independently for smoother plowing, maximum protection, and less stress on the plow. The Scoop model has 20-degree fixed-angle outer edges, conventional plow weight and simplicity, and the capacity and efficiency of a V-plow. All Hiniker plows feature a compact joystick controller that can be hand held or positioned anywhere with the optional Flexstand.

Hiniker plows are built with one thing in mind—moving snow in the most efficient way possible! Hiniker plows are designed with the commercial plower in mind and the robust construction shows it. From the compression-type trip springs, to the reinforced moldboard frames, to the new Quick-hitch 2 attachment system, Hiniker plows are built to work.

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