Join Midwest Dairy Farmers In Celebrating Wholesome, Simple And Delicious Dairy Products


This June, when you put that milk on your cereal, that cheese on your pizza or yogurt in your morning smoothie, it's a great time to raise your bowl, slice or glass to the 7,000 dairy farmers throughout the Midwest who bring you the delicious dairy products you love in celebration of National Dairy Month!

National Dairy Month is not only the perfect time to enjoy nutrient- rich, responsibly-produced, locally-driven and enjoyable dairy products, but it is also the perfect time to visit a farm to connect with your food and see first-hand how your favorite dairy products travel from the farm to your family's table.

National Dairy Month honors not only the farmers who produce fresh, nutritious dairy products but also the cheese lovers, milk drinkers and smaoothie sippers who truly bring dairy to life. It is the perfect occasion to try new recipes that include dairy, as well as find ways to enjoy the dairy products you already love. Whether it is adding fruit to cottage cheese or trying aa new yogurt smoothie, National Dairy Month is a great time to try something new and have a little fun with dairy!

There are many reasons to feel good about dairy, including: It's local. Most people live within 100 miles or less of a local dairy farm. Milk is locally produced in every state, so it doesn't have far to travel from farm to store, making the journey in less than 48 hours. It's the perfect example of a fresh, farm-to-table product.

It's nutritious. Milk, cheese and other dairy foods are simple, real ways to get the energy and nutrients your family needs.

It's sustainable. One gallon of milk is now produced with 90 percent less land and 65 percent less water than it was decades ago. And with the use of innovative and safe technology, the dairy industry delivers exceptional animal care, quality nutrition and the freshest products around.

It's delicious. Savory pizzas. Creamy parfaits. Tempting cheese plates. Dairy is a part of all the things you love to eat and present at some of the most special moments in your life. Memories made over milkshakes are the best kind of memories!