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Great Plains Develops Industry First 60-foot Planter

Great Plains proudly introduced the industry’s first 60' planter with the ability to plant 15" and Twin-Row 30". The YP-2425 features a floating hitch design that provides the flexibility to meet challenging terrain. Yet, the 60' Yield-Pro model easily folds to a transport width of only 13′ 6″.

The YP-2425 Planter can be equipped with two 82-bushel poly hoppers or two seed company’s bulk seed boxes. Like all Yield-Pro Planters, the YP-2425 uses air to gently move seed from the bulk hopper to the individual row meters. Choose from the Air-Pro Seed Metering System, Precision Planting Population Max (Finger Pickup), or the Singulator-Plus Meter. Read more

New John Deere Mid-Frame E-Series Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders

John Deere's newest additions to the E-Series line of skid steer loaders and compact track loaders feature design and performance enhancements based on customer feedback. The machines include upgraded boom performance, auxiliary lines that are integrated through the boom for improved visibility and added protection, and cab improvements aimed at improving operator and machine productivity, uptime, and lower daily operating costs.

Other new features include connect-under-pressure auxiliary hydraulic couplers and courtesy lighting that stays on up to 90 seconds after the engine is shut down, illuminating the way for easier exists out of dark barns or after-hour jobsites. Read more

A.T. Ferrell adds Screen Production to its Product Offering

A.T. Ferrell Company, the name behind the iconic Clipper seed-cleaning brand, announces it has added perforated metal screen production to its facility in Bluffton, Indiana. In addition to punching screens in-house for its entire Clipper machinery line, the new screen production capabilities also allow customers to purchase a growing supply of competitor screens.

“We’ve listened to our customers and they are looking for high-quality, American-made screens that carry the trusted Clipper name,” says Steve Stuller, President of A.T. Ferrell Company. “This is an exciting venture for us and a new chapter to help our customers gain access to screens they can rely on.” A.T. Ferrell plans to grow this division over the coming years. Read more

AGCO Releases New AgCommand Integration with Raven Slingshot

AGCO announced a new AgCommand integration with the Raven Industries’ Slingshot system connected to its Fuse Technologies initiative. The ability to integrate AgCommand and Slingshot will provide growers with a more seamless experience by enabling their fleet and data management tools to sync together via the AgCommand website. Read more

DeLaval Remote Farm Support a Hit With Dairy Farmers

As modern dairy farms become increasingly advanced, remote support is rapidly gaining popularity according to DeLaval, leading supplier of solutions that improve milking performance on farms. With DeLaval Remote Farm Connection, RFC, dairies can reduce on-farm visits from their advisory team and improve the rate at which they receive fast, actionable advice. DeLaval RFC provides secured networking and Internet connection for dairy producers looking to remotely obtain farm data or give external parties access to their farm’s computer Read more

Sukup Now Offers Support Tower Structures

Sukup is expanding its Material Handling line-up with the addition of Support Tower Structures. Sukup Towers are ideal for supporting Sukup Bucket Elevators. They also may be used to attach conveyor catwalks or support a Sukup Double-Run or a Sukup Distributor.

Angled cross bracing and square tubing corner posts provide solid support for various heights, seismic zones, and wind speeds. The cross bracing is located high on the base section to allow for easy access to the equipment inside the tower. Sukup Towers are available with both switchback and wrap around stairs.

Sukup Manufacturing Company • (641) 892-4222 •

Kinze Announces the World’s First Electric Multi-Hybrid Concept Planter

In order to help farmers optimize their seed hybrids and increase their yields, Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. has announced the world’s first electric multi-hybrid concept planter. Multi-hybrid technology provides farmers with the ability to change the seed hybrid they are planting automatically as the planter moves through the field. Instead of selecting an average seed variety for use across an entire field, seed hybrids can be selected and automatically planted to suit different field management zones.  Read more

THE BOSS Snowplow Launches Full Lineup of Dual-Trip DXT Plows

Featuring a dual-trip design that protects the plow when striking hidden obstacles, THE BOSS Snowplow introduces new 8’2” and 9’2” Poly, Steel, and Stainless Steel DXT Plows providing maximum plow and vehicle impact protection in a multi-position plow. Read more

Wiha Tools Releases iTorque Screwdrivers in Time for the Holidays

Wiha Tools, located in Monticello, Minn., has introduced the NEW TorqueControl Adjustable iTorque Tool Sets. iTorque handles have an easy to use push button start and an auto shut off. Quick adjusting handle makes the iTorque handles convenient and fast. Distinctly audible and perceptible click signal when torque is reached. Handle sizes are proportioned to optimize torque setting. Integrated cycle counter records all applications. It has a large digital display for easy viewing. Interchangeable blades and bits can be used in the iTorque handles. You can choose from three handle sizes: 60-120 in/oz., 7-26 in/lbs., and 9-50 in/lbs. Read more

Go Big with ACE Torwels Heavy Duty Snow Pushers

ACE Torwel announces its new and improved heavy duty snow pushers from 8’ through 18’ widths. All models boast robust design and upgrades that include adjustable skid/wear shoes and easy to use attachment systems that include the universal skid steer mounting system and the new versatile utility tractor/loader global mounting system. Read more