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Ag Leader Announces New AgFiniti Remote Support

Ag Leader has announced that AgFiniti Remote Support allows dealers to connect to a user’s display for viewing and troubleshooting from any location in real-time. This service makes it possible for farm managers, dealers, and support technicians at one location to view an Ag Leader Integra or Versa display in a client’s equipment at another location.

User down time is also reduced as dealers can remotely view the display, rather than travel to the location for service. With an Ag Leader Integra or Versa display, USB Wi-Fi adapter and a license, AgFiniti users can access the remote display-viewing feature through Ag Leader’s AgFiniti Cloud-Based Platform. Remote Support from Ag Leader will be available in early 2014. Read more

Ag Nation Releases S/R Bale Wrapper to 2014 Line-Up

The Ag Wrap S/R Bale Wrapper, manufactured by Ag Nation Products, can wrap large square bales up to 6' long, and large round bales up to 6' x 5'. It can also wrap small square bales—in 4-10 bale groups. This wrapper has a tongue and wheels for road transport, and a light kit for working after sunset.

The Ag Wrap S/R Bale Wrapper is controlled with a wireless hand held remote. It has an automatic cut and hold feature that works with 20” or 30” plastic. A self-contained motor powers the S/R wrapper. This power unit can be removed and used in the off-season for hydraulically operated equipment. Read more

Hiniker Scoop Plow 6000 Series is the Ultimate Snowplow

Move snow more efficiently with a Hiniker trip-edge Scoop plow. The unique concave shape captures snow, providing greater capacity, less spillage, and faster, more efficient plowing. The Scoop plow features a trip-edge with nine inch high pivot point that trips independently for smoother plowing, maximum protection, and less stress on the plow. The Scoop model has 20-degree fixed-angle outer edges, conventional plow weight and simplicity, and the capacity and efficiency of a V-plow. All Hiniker plows feature a compact joystick controller that can be hand held or positioned anywhere with the optional Flexstand. Read more

John Deere Introduces Gen-Set Engines for Emergency Stationary Applications

 13.5L Generator Drive Diesel EngineJohn Deere Power Systems (JDPS) is pleased to introduce two new 13.5L generator drive diesel engines for emergency stationary gen-set applications in the 469- to 670-hp range. The new engines are available with a New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) emergency stationary label for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Read more

Equipment Technologies Unveils Redesigned Cab in 2014 Apache Sprayers

Combining all the modern comforts of a farmer’s shop office with the latest cutting-edge technology, ET created an ergonomic cab delivering the application advantage at the fingertips of the operator. The redesigned cab comes standard with the new ET Pilot System, encompassing our innovative thinking and providing operators a new, efficient way to spray. Also new for 2014, Apache sprayer cabs will be equipped with “plug and play” ISOBUS technology allows owners to connect any ISOBUS-compatible field computer system to the ET Pilot System. This innovative technology allows customers to use a field computer system of their choice, and adds value, quality, and efficiency to the customer’s operation. Read more

AMCO Adds Hi-Clearance Bedding Hipper to Product Line

AMCO is pleased to announce the availability of 12-row 30" and 16- row 30" hi-clearance bedding hippers. The new models join the already available 12-row 40" assembly. This is the perfect partner for your AMCO hi-clearance toolbar. The AMCO heavy-duty toolbar is the most rugged toolbar in its class. This toolbar is built to take the horsepower and ground-speed demands of today’s production agriculture. Read more

Kinze Announces the World’s First Electric Multi-Hybrid Concept Planter

In order to help farmers optimize their seed hybrids and increase their yields, Kinze® Manufacturing, Inc. announces the world’s first electric multi-hybrid concept planter. Multi-hybrid technology provides farmers with the ability to change the seed hybrid they are planting automatically as the planter moves through the field. Instead of selecting an average seed variety for use across an entire field, seed hybrids can be selected and automatically planted to suit different field management zones.  Read more

Make It Last – Make It Reaves

Reaves Building Systems is happy to announce the newest part of their team: the Service Department. The Reaves service department will help meet your needs with complete repairs on post frame buildings. From windows, to walk doors, overhead doors, and everything in between, Reaves has the service you can count on. Reaves service department is also specializing in the installation of Powertrack—powered by Propel Doors—automatic sliding doors. If you are tired of pushing & pulling doors, let Reaves automate it for you! Read more

Soil-Max Gold Digger Stealth ZD is the Next Generation of Tile Plows

Soil-Max is on the cutting edge of pull-behind tile plow technology with their newest product: Gold Digger Stealth ZD. With breakthrough “soil-dynamics” this plow will be easy to pull by an average farm tractor. Couple this with zero deflection and you will have unmatched grade control. Read more

New Valley Irrigation Product Connects Pumps to Pivots

Valley Irrigation, a leader in precision irrigation, announced the addition of Pump Connect to its Valley Water Management product line, giving farmers a new way to automate the pumps that supply water to irrigation equipment. Pump Connect allows growers to wirelessly control pumps from the center pivot control panel, eliminating time-consuming trips to pump sites or expensive trenching to install wires. When the pivot calls for “water on,” Pump Connect sends a radio signal to start the pump and get the water flowing, and it stops the pump if the pivot shuts off. Read more