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E-Kay Enterprises introduce two auger attachments

The new E-Kay down spout can easily drops into any size grain bin. With a five-hole pattern, one in the bottom and four around the side, you will no longer have the coning of heavy grain in the center. When the bin is full, an electronic eye sensor sends a signal to a flashing light or horn to warn the operator. Alerts can be customized to suit different needs. With added accessories, it can even shut off grain flow.

Another useful attachment is the no-spill hopper. This hopper can be installed simply with a clamping system for most augers. The hopper will prevent wasted grain on the ground when unloading hopper bottom bins. It is fully adjustable for different bin heights and will help to support the end of your auger. Read more

Redesigned Landoll 5000 Series Grain Drills Introduced

Seed placement has become even more precise and accurate in the redesigned 5000 Series Grain Drills from Landoll. As the only grain drill in the industry with “All-Purpose Air Spring Opener Suspension,” the modified 5000 Series models now include an all-new fluted seed metering system for better seed singulation and improved population control. The redesigned 5000 Series grain drills also feature a new Loup Monitor as standard equipment for in-cab monitoring of seed population, seed sensors, and hopper levels. Read more

The Perfect Tree Saw Introduces New Models For Compact Tractor

The new Perfect TreeSaw HR-50 and HR-100 models for compact tractors are built with the same quality craftsmanship as the larger models. Like the larger models, the compact tractor units have no moving parts or hydraulics – eliminating the high cost of fuel and the expense of repairs to hydraulic equipment. With the introduction of the compact tractor models, The Perfect TreeSaw now has sizes to fit all needs, from the small acreage owner to the large commercial land clearing contractor and everything in between. Read more

Bio-Safe One reverses clogged drain fields and failing septic systems

Most septic system owners mistakenly rely only on pump-outs to maintain their septic system, which tends to give them a false sense of security, or they rely on ineffective products that only break up sewage but fail to eliminate it. When you use Bio-Safe One products to remove accumulated waste from your soil and pipes, you maintain/restore the health of your septic drainage system. With this product you can spend far less than with pumping and replacement, all while getting permanent results.

Bio-Safe One products are backed by over 67 years of research and development. The same team of scientists who helped clean the Exxon Valdez oil spill developed the patented Bio-Safe formula.  Read more

Reinke adds Ontrac Cell to remote management product line

Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, is adding Ontrac Cell to its line of remote management products. Reinke Ontrac Cell now joins Ontrac Radio, Ontrac Satellite and Ontrac Satellite Plus, working to provide growers with 24/7 real time monitor and control of their irrigation operation. The full product line is designed to readily integrate into Reinke and non-Reinke machines alike.

Digi-Star releases new version of TMR Tracker

Digi-Star has released a new version of its widely recognized feed management solution, TMR Tracker. Version 4.1 was released to improve DMI (dry matter intake) tracking, offer flexible workday definitions, and enhance premix options. TMR Tracker now provides a more accurate “Income Over Feed Cost” value, by including feed concentrates into the total DMI amount per pen. This includes concentrates fed at robotic milker's, stand-alone feed systems, and the like. This feature allows a dairy to place more emphasis on ingredient and feed control protocols. Users have more control in defining business transactions by being able to set the "shift clock" according to their schedule.

Safe, effective traps by Flies Be Gone

Flies are dangerous. In addition to being filth carriers, flies aid in the transmission of over 65 harmful human diseases. Unfortunately, pesticides used in fly control are often more dangerous than the insects themselves. Pesticide resistance in flies is not uncommon. Renewed interest in finding better and safer methods of pest control has brought this product to fruition. Read more

Pentair Shurflo Diaphragm Pump Offers Prolonged Lifespan and Superior Protection

Pentair is introducing the innovative new 5059 Series SHURFLO® Diaphragm Pump. Designed for spraying and pumping herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and hard-to-handle fluids, this highly durable series of automatic-demand pumps features a field-proven head design that delivers flow rates up to five gallons per minute (GPM) with pressures up to 60 psi and a maximum draw of 17 amps. Driven by a 12-volt, continuous-duty, sealed motor, the new 5059 Series offers powerful, long-lasting performance for a wide range of applications. Read more

Premier’s Weighted Down Pressure Mounting Bracket can double your drilling productivity!

Premier has introduced the addition of a skid-steer mounting bracket to their lineup of hydraulic earth auger attachments, which can easily double drilling productivity in the field.

The extra heavy duty Down Pressure Mounting Bracket is made of solid steel, weighing a hefty 500 pounds itself, and additional one hundred pound cast weights are then added, with capacity for twelve total weights. It all adds up to a combined total of a whopping 1700 pounds of down pressure added to your drilling project. Using the new Down Pressure Mounting Bracket with your skid steer loader, drilling through concrete, rock or any other difficult ground conditions will be easier than ever before! Read more

ATG Media Holdings Ltd. acquires Bidspotter, the US-based world leader in industrial and commercial online auctions, announces its acquisition by ATG Media Holdings Ltd, a UK based company. BidSpotter will continue its operations from the existing offices in Gig Harbor, Washington, with all existing services remaining in place during the transition. ATG Media Holdings Ltd carries 13 years of experience in the online auction market as the owners and operators of (Europe’s leading portal for live and timed art and antiques auctions), and (the UK’s leading site for general auctions, including plant and machinery, real estate and electronic goods. Read more