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Rataway Fragrance Is The Answer To Your Rodent Problem

The teeth of a rat grow up to four inches a year. They, along with other animals, gnaw and chew on objects to control the growth. Unfotunately it is typically on items in and around your home and shop – air conditioner and furance units, electrical wires in attics, tractor seats, hoses and wires in vehicles. Rataway Fragrance is the answer to this problem! And it is 100% safe to use around children, pets, and service personnel! Read more

T.R.S. Industries adds the Original Hopper Tarp to product line

T.R.S. Industries, manufacturers of a variety of tarps for flat bed trucks, boats, and custom items, wind tarps, and construction and refuse tarp systems, would like to add the ‘Original’ Hopper Tarp to their list of reliable products. Rain and snow can ruin grain and congest the operation of equipment – with the ‘Original’ Hopper Tarp your hopper will stay dry!

The ‘Original’ Hopper Tarp can be easily attached to your equipment with bungee cords that are stitc

C15 Flexwing Finishing Disc Added to AMCO Product Lineup

AMCO is proud to announce the availability of the new C15 Double Offset Flexwing Tandem disc Harrow. This finishing disc features blades spaced at 7.5” and is built from our field-tested, heavy-duty F15 disc frame that has proven itself year after year as a tough tillage tool.

Perfectly suited for primary or secondary tillage, seedbed prep or incorporation of chemicals, the C15’s 7.5” blade spacing forces dirt and residue to break down into finer pieces. Another great feature of the C15 are the flexwings, which are designed to follow the contour of your

Demco Manufacturing adds 1000-gallon sprayer to the 50 Series Sprayer line

Demco is proud to announce the addition of a new model to their 50 Series Sprayer line. Along with the 850 and 1250 models, Demco now has a 1050 model available. This 1000-gallon pull-type sprayer will be available with either the 90’ or 60’ boom. The 90’ boom can fold so that you can spray at 60’. This sprayer has a compact design, with a short trailer to minimize crop damage. The unique tank design provides excellent drainage with a deep sump, as well as superior agitation. Read more

Kubota adds new models to its M-Series Utility Ag Tractor and Front Loader line

Kubota enhances its M60-Series utility tractor line with two new models – the M6060 and M7060. Leading the pack is the new M7060 deluxe 12-speed transmission cab model offering clean engine emissions, high-capacity hydraulics, low noise, and four-wheel drive electric engagement with the touch of a switch. Equipped with a series-standard hydraulic shuttle with wet-main clutch, both models also feature a Common Rail System (CRS) electronic fuel system providing enhanced engine performance, increased productivity, and fuel savings. The series has also been designed with operator-friendly refined console controls with repositioned hydraulic remote levers for ease of operation. Read more

Tired of damaged and flat combine tires? Try the Combine Smasher.

With the great success and feedback from the Stalk Smasher, which attaches to the front of a tractor, Ringsted Welding and Fabrication is proud to present the Combine Smasher. Combine tires are expensive and need to be protected when in the fields, the Combine Smasher is a great way to protect your investment. RWF offer two types of smashers: shoe- and roller-style. Both attach easily behind the combine heads and will completely eliminate stalk damage in the field! Read more

Bigham Brothers announces acquisition of Pitonyak Machinery Corporation

Bigham Brothers, Inc., a manufacturer of tillage and cultivation equipment, of Lubbock, Texas announces the acquisition of Pitonyak Machinery Corporation (PMC) and its entire line of farm equipment. PMC is known for products such as the Hipper Roller® and GCX Grain Carts, historically sold primarily in the Mid-South region. PMC is a successor to the company founded by E.E. Brandt in Carlisle, Arkansas in 1913, selling its first grain cart in 1947.  Read more

T.R.S. Industries introduces Lock Down and Rolbot Electric tarp systems

T.R.S. is proud to introduce the Rolbot and Lock Down Electric Roll Tarp Systems. The Rolbot system is designed with a flexible back arm for end dump, live bottom, and any trailer with a back door. It features a hinge joint with 3-point adjustment for various load conditions, manual override in case of electric failure, and an arm that sits lower then the end caps so there will be no auger interference. The system comes with remote box that is waterproof and a large button key fob. The arms come pre-assembled with a tractor wiring kit and an easy one-piece mounting bracket.

T.R.S. manufactures many of the parts for Roll Tarp Systems and stocks a wide selection of replacement tarps, lumber tarps, and steel tarps. Read more

9 Easy Steps to Make Crop Reporting a Positive Experience

Digi‐Star LLC recommends a few simple steps of preparation for the harvest season to make crop insurance reporting and record keeping a much easier and accurate process.

Joni Naylor, a crop insurance specialist for Farm Credit Mid‐America in Indiana, reminds producers that they need “hard records” for claims processing, like weigh tickets and settlement sheets from a third party. They also need “soft records” to differentiate where the grain actually originated. Some producers have kept load records on anything from the inside of a soda carton to printed spreadsheets, but a print out from a grain cart scale is certainly preferred. Read more

Wind, Waves Or Weather - Schweiss Doors are Ideal for Boathouses

Imagine having a fun family day on the water in your favorite fishing or speed boat. As the sun is setting or a sudden thunderstorm or high winds force you off the lake, you now have to rush to get your boat tied up and unloaded.

Or, you can do what others have done and have a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door mounted to your new or existing boathouse that has a remote control opener so all you have to do is push a button, drive your boat in or out and shut the door behind you. Read more