Smart Solution For Drag Chains Introduced By Yetter Farm Equipment

The new Yetter 6200-040 Drag Chain Shield is a time-saver, preventing drag chains from flipping up and catching on spiked closing wheels in challenging field conditions.When you’re fighting the time crunch during spring planting season, every minute counts. Stopping to resolve even minor challenges eats away at the day. The new 6200-040 Drag Chain Shield from Yetter Farm Equipment eliminates one of those potential issues.

“The Drag Chain Shield prevents drag chains from flipping up and catching on spiked closing wheels in difficult field conditions,” said Don Bunnell, who does service and product development for Yetter. “It’s an issue that can end up costing valuable time. We’re excited to offer this simple, cost-effective solution that will work for any growers using spike wheels and drag chains.”  

When field conditions don’t necessitate the use of the drag chain, farmers can simply and quickly adjust the Drag Chain Shield to store it—no tools needed. An easily accessible clip located on the back of the shield allows the grower to secure the drag chain. The Drag Chain Shield mounts to the drag chain arms, providing more support.

This new innovation comes with all hardware necessary for mounting and is quick to install. The Yetter Drag Chain Shield is compatible with all known closing wheels and drag chains. Click here to view more photos of the Drag Chain Shield.

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