Soil-Max Gold Digger Stealth ZD is the Next Generation of Tile Plows

Soil-Max is on the cutting edge of pull-behind tile plow technology with their newest product: Gold Digger Stealth ZD. With breakthrough “soil-dynamics” this plow will be easy to pull by an average farm tractor. Couple this with zero deflection and you will have unmatched grade control.

Lifting action on the soil greatly affects the drag coefficient of any tile plow. Most tile plows only lift the soil 2-3 feet. The Gold Digger Stealth ZD has 5 feet of lifting action. The Stealth ZD is designed to avoid any deflection beause the plow directly follow the leading edge and cannot push down in the back and damage tile or affect the grade. When the GPS receiver or laser is placed near the tip of the plow, the Stealth ZD perfectly follows the tip or shear. All other plows actually counter what the tip is doing when they make a grade change.

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