7 Signs That You Should Upgrade to a New Compact Tractor

17 days ago

Compact tractors are powerful machines that can turn backbreaking chores into rewarding, quick-turn projects on your acreage. With multiple compact tractor sizes and configurations in the market, it’s easy to see why so many small acreage owners put this hard-working machine to work on their land.

But what happens when an old compact tractor becomes more trouble than it’s worth? If any of these seven issues that follow sound familiar, it might be time to retire your old one.

1. Not compatible with enough implements or attachments

The right attachment or implement transforms a compact tractor into a versatile machine designed to tackle a variety of projects on your land. 

If an older compact tractor is not compatible with the implements or attachments you need, your productivity, versatility, and efficiency will suffer.

Look for a compact tractor that comes standard with a 3-point hitch, allowing attachments or implements so you can complete tasks on your property like post-hole diggingtilling, mowing and more. Mounting systems such as a Bobcat quick-attach and the Bobcat quick-hitch make changing tractor attachments and implements fast and easy.

The ability to pair your tractor with the best attachment or implement for your project not only improves your productivity, you won’t have to purchase or rent additional machines.

2. Maintenance is difficult

If you struggle to perform basic maintenance on your older machine, that’s another sign that it’s time for an upgrade. Many compact tractor models now offer direct engine access simply by lifting the hood. Not having to remove side panels a grill guard will provide you with critical maintenance accessibility and makes virtually all of the major service points easy to reach. 

Look for a tractor with an accessible engine compartment so you can make daily maintenance checks from one side of the engine. This makes it easy to keep your tractor running smoothly with minimal effort.

3. Operating in difficult ground is a struggle

An effective compact tractor should be able to operate in most ground conditions. If your current machine struggles on certain types of terrain, that’s a good indication you need an upgrade. Newer compact tractor models can provide generous ground clearance so you can operate on rough or muddy terrain.
It’s also important to consider whether your existing tractor is limited to one type of tire. Industrial, agricultural and turf tires have special characteristics to help you move easily through a variety of ground conditions and minimize ground damage.

Selecting a new tractor with the correct tire options will help keep you moving .

4. Parts are difficult to find

If it’s a chore to find the right parts for your current compact tractor, it can be difficult to keep your old machine at peak performance. Tractors that come with easy access to high-quality parts actually extend the life of the machine.

For a new compact tractor, consider looking into programs where you can buy parts online. For example, Bobcat offers high-quality Bobcat Genuine Parts online that can be shipped directly to your home.

5. Dealer support—what dealer?

Having a good relationship with your tractor’s dealership is helpful for keeping your machine in top working order. Unexpected maintenance issues are bound to arise with an older tractor, so without strong dealer support, it can be difficult to diagnose and resolve those issues. When considering a new machine model, also consider the brand’s dealer network and service in your area.

6. It’s uncomfortable to operate

Operating a tractor shouldn’t feel like work or something you find yourself dreading. Bumpy rides and jerky controls make even the most routine task more challenging than necessary and can wear you down.

Consider upgrading to a compact tractor with operator-friendly controls, a suspension seat that absorbs vibrations and bumps, a heated and air-conditioned cab, and a low-noise, low-vibration engine. Some tractors, including Bobcat compact tractors, offer features like power steering, cruise control and a cab-integrated joystick lever make operation downright enjoyable.

7. Low resale value

Resale value might not be the first thing you think of when purchasing a tractor, but the older your tractor gets, the more important it becomes—especially if you eventually decide to upgrade to a newer machine.

Finding the best compact tractor with a high-quality warranty option is a great way to ensure you’re making a smart equipment investment. Look for a transferable warranty, which can improve your resale value. With a transferable warranty, new owners can enjoy similar warranty benefits on a gently-used machine.

By: Taylor Corbett, a Product Planning Marketing Strategist at Bobcat Company.


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