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Adapt-N Changes When We Apply Nitrogen

10 Sep 2023

Nitrogen management in corn is an important consideration for corn producers. With the rising costs of inputs and concerns of the overuse of fertilizers, now more than ever it is vital that growers maximize their bushels per acre with the least amount of inputs as possible.

Adapt-N, an online precision farming tool, will help you to precisely manage your nitrogen inputs for corn production. Developed with over a decade of research by Cornell University, Adpat-N uses science and technology to anticipate nitrogen stress to avoid yield losses using weather, crop, and soil factors.

Key Features

The Adapt-N software uses four categories to help growers maximize their nitrogen application:

Advanced Crop Modeling: Cultivar, planting date, yield potential, and more are taken into account to accurately simulate the crop’s growth and soil nitrogen to produce a yield-maximizing nitrogen recommendation.

Soils Types: Locally calibrated database of soil characteristics, enabling users to appropriately simulate nitrogen dynamics even when soil type variability exists within a field.

Field Management: Crop rotations, tillage, manure, irrigation, and soil test results are all modeled at a sub-field level. Variable rate applications are also supported.

Weather: Weather data incorporates the actual temperature and rainfall amounts of your fields to determine N losses.

Benefits of Adapt-N

Adapt-N uses 13 integrated models to give you an accurate look at what is happening under the soil. As the “voice of the soil,” Adapt-N will send alerts to your phone (text message), or an e-mail to your tablet or computer with each field’s nitrogen recommendation for that day.

Many growers use static guidelines or general rule-of-thumb to apply their nitrogen. Adapt-N provides a precision-nitrogen approach to give you a scientifically generated rate and range. The Adapt-N software provides users the details of the recommendation, giving you confidence in using a variable rate approach.

As we have seen this spring in many parts of the country, unpredictable weather events can deplete nitrogen during a critical phase of crop growth, causing yield losses. Adapt-N helps you manage this risk and avoid losses by alerting you [I]in advance,[I] so that you can apply rescue nitrogen and optimize yield.

How To Get Adapt-N

At this time Adapt-N software is available for grain corn, silage corn, and sweet corn, however additional crops are being added to the program.

Adapt-N is currently available in 28 states in the US. There are plans to expand in both the US and international geographically. If you are interested in incorporating Adapt-N into your operation and are in a region not marked on the map, contact Adapt-N for more details.

Interested parties can sign up on the Adapt-N website at, or for the dealer program. Growers can also send an e-mail to for additional information. 


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