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AGCO's White Planters Brand Introduces Two New Planters During 2018 National Farm Machinery Show

10 Sep 2023

AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, unveiled two new planter models under the White Planters™ brand during the 2018 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky. The planters offer features conventional and no-till farmers are requesting, so they can accurately plant more acres of corn during the ideal planting window that is so critical for optimum yields.

"Unpredictable weather and increasing acres are making it harder and harder for corn growers to plant most of their acres within that all-important ideal planting window each spring," says Joe Whorton, tactical marketing manager for Seeding and Tillage at AGCO. "Our customers have been asking us for planters that will help them plant more acres each day and plant more accurately to help boost yields. These two models expand the White Planters offering to meet those needs. Their introduction marks the next phase in White Planters' VE planter Series featuring Precision Planting technology."

More acres, less compaction
Growers who want to accurately plant more acres per day while minimizing yield-robbing compaction can turn to the new White Planters 9924VE planter. This 24-row, 30-inch large-frame planter has a 150-bushel, dual tank, central-fill system that allows planting of approximately 300 acres before a refill is needed. It rides on the industry's best track system, which is 67 inches long and available in 25-inch or 30-inch widths. This extra flotation helps producers get into the field earlier for planting.

The WP9924VE comes from the factory with the proven and reliable vSet® meter, vDrive® electronic drive system and fully integrated 20/20 SeedSense® monitoring from Precision Planting®. SpeedTube from Precision Planting®. SpeedTube®, when combined with the vSet meter, consistently delivers 99+ percent accurate seed placement of corn at speeds nearly double traditional operating speeds. SpeedTube and DeltaForce® automated downforce are available as factory-installed options.

"The 9924VE brings large-acre producers a strong combination of seed placement accuracy, on-board seed capacity, and flotation to get into the fields earlier and cover a lot of acres. It is a planter that will enhance planting productivity for many operations," says Whorton. The WP9924VE is the fourth model from White Planters on factory-installed tracks. The White Planters brand introduced the industry's first commercially available planter on tracks, the WP9836-30 in August 2011.

Precision seed placement in no-till, no problem
The WP9222 wing-fold planter has long been a stalwart cornerstone of the planter line, delivering excellent value and White Planters' renowned simplicity, reliability and seed placement accuracy to producers across the country. With the addition of Precision Planting technology, the new WP9222VE brings the best in seed placement accuracy to no-till planting.

The WP9222VE planter has vSet meters, the vDrive system, 20/20 monitoring and is available in a 12-row, 30-inch configuration. This flex-frame design makes it easy to add row-unit-mounted tillage coulters to cut residue and prepare the seed zone ahead of double disc openers. The planter is built with extra strength in the wing pivot joint and linkage to handle punishing no-till conditions. It also offers liquid fertilizer options with frame-mounted fertilizer openers.

These new planters are the latest to incorporate planting technology from Precision Planting, taking White Planters to an unprecedented level of seed placement performance.

The vSet meter offers the industry's most consistent seed singulation plus outstanding reliability for minimal downtime. The vDrive system allows row-by-row seed meter control, providing precise population control around headland curves, saving seed and ensuring ideal plant spacing for optimum yields. The vDrive allows multi-hybrid, prescription planting as well as row shut off to eliminate over planting point rows and end rows. The SeedSense monitor tracks and displays population, speed, skips, doubles, row unit ride, down force and ground contact on the go, allowing the operator to adjust as needed to optimize seed placement and troubleshoot mechanical problems.

Options and attachments fit individual needs
As with other planters from White Planters, the WP9924VE and WP9222VE planters may be equipped to fit the needs of nearly any production system.



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