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AgJunction® Expands Outback STX Versatility with Advanced Software Features

10 Sep 2023

imageBuilding on the success of the Outback STX™ Guidance System, AgJunction has introduced a new Outback STX v1.1 software upgrade that makes the system even more versatile. Among its many functional improvements is the ability for STX in conjunction with eDriveX™ to steer a wider array of today’s autosteer-ready tractor models.  

“Increased versatility is just the one of the many improvements this latest STX software release has to offer either through the terminal or when combined with AC110 v2.5 or eDriveX v2.6,” according to John Lueger, AgJunction’s product manager for the Outback STX system.

“When paired with an AC110, STX now provides single product rate and section control for liquid and anhydrous applications” he explains. “A number of current AC110 kits are supported as well as the low flow and valve advance features recently introduced in Outback MAX.  Other features include AB contour and the ability to pause the creation of a field boundary and resume it later for such things as tank refills.”

“The culmination of combining full RTK capability in an autosteer-ready, value-based terminal, Outback STX is compatible with the full line of field-proven Outback autosteer systems,” he explains. “This includes eDriveX™, with the eTurns™ automated turn solution; eDriveTC™, our decimeter system; and the Outback eDrive VSi™ electric steering interface.”

STX also works with any of the Outback base station units, providing RTK capability when used in conjunction with a MAX Rover and Outback RTK base station unit. Global adoption of high accuracy guidance continues to drive interest in the Outback STX, and this software release adds additional features to enable precision application in key growth markets around the world.

About AgJunction

AgJunction, Inc. provides innovative hardware and software applications for precision agriculture worldwide. The Company holds numerous patents and markets its products and services under leading brand names including Outback Guidance®, Satloc®, and AgJunction® Cloud Services. AgJunction supports advanced farming practices and enables seamless data connectivity among growers and their agricultural service providers. The Company is headquartered in Hiawatha, Kansas, with facilities in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Manitoba and Queensland, Australia. AgJunction is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “AJX” and is one of the TSX Cleantech designated companies.  For more information, go to


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