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All-Weather Precision Farming Advancements for John Deere Drills

10 Sep 2023

imageIn 2007, Pro Mags LLC set out to improve the farming industry for farmers everywhere. Their invention, the Pro Mags all-weather gauge wheel system, was designed to eliminate mud buildup behind and alongside row planter and drill gauge wheels.

Pro Mags patented products have proven to actively clean the row unit of a planter or drill, drastically reducing or eliminating the area from plugging with mud during the critical seeding time in inclement weather conditions. This has provided a solution to a long overdue problem of moisture dilemma frequently experienced in full tillage, strip tillage, conservation tillage, and no-tillage practices. No farming operation can afford downtime in planting caused by adverse weather and/or environmental conditions.

Pro Mags is proud to announce the latest advancement in the market for John Deere drills, including the 1890, 1895, and 1990 series. The new scraper provides unmatched cleaning of the opening disc, a major problematic area for operators of these drills. The scrapers provide a double-torsion scraping system providing the ultimate cleaning against all opener discs. The system is simple and clean allowing each kit to fit either the left or right side of a row unit.

“We're excited to bring this advancement to operators of these John Deere drills," said Eric Hesla, Director of Sales and Marketing for Pro Mags LLC. "We have received countless requests from John Deere dealership employees and farmers to provide a solution for mud and residue issues frequently encountered by operators of these drills.”

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