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American Farmer to Feature CM Welding in Upcoming Episode on RFD-TV

10 Sep 2023

imageAmerican Farmer will explore CM Welding's RPR Thrashing/Separating Concave System, which was developed for getting more capacity and less rotor loss in rotor combines, airing second quarter 2014 on RFD-TV. The show will educate viewers on standard rotor loss' and how CM Welding's RPR Thrashing/Separating Concave System results in a smaller net loss of product.

"Donnie Estes has been in the industry for over 50 years," said Charlie Cowan, Producer for American Farmer. "Don's manufacturing experience has helped bring innovative products like the RPR Thrashing/Separating Concave System to the American public and agriculturists alike. This amazing new piece of equipment is helping save farmers loss of product and money, and we are very excited to be able to educate our audiences on this new advancement to the industry."

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