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Anatomy of a Tire Blow Out

10 Sep 2023

imageMany motorists are not aware of the physical and mechanical events that are triggered by a front tire blow out.

Typically, when a front tire blow out occurs, the vehicle swerves to the side of the blow out in an instant. The wheel is roughly 6" above the pavement--depending on the size and type of the tire—and drops that distance in a fraction of a second.

The Safe T Plus™ Steering Control prevents the loss of control of the vehicle in the event of a front tire blowout or hitting an object in the road. The Safe T Plus™ Steering Control is a patented after-market hydraulic and mechanical device that controls the shock load and allows the driver to steer in both directions even with a blown out tire.

Installed easily in about an hour, the Safe T Plus™ mounts to the axle spring U-bolts or to the frame of the vehicle depending on the vehicle design. The other end of the Safe T Plus™ attaches to the tie rod. No drilling or welding is necessary.

The patented Safe T Plus™ hydraulic and coil (spring) system is designed to absorb more than 1000 lb. of force at the tie rod. The Safe T Plus™ intercepts and absorbs the tire blow out forces and normal road shocks and redirects what is left of them into the axle or the frame. Because the Safe T Plus™ is installed at the tie rod, shock loads are dissipated before reaching the steering gear box and the driver.

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