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Apache Aims for Simplicity with 2017 Sprayers

10 Sep 2023

imageApache 2017 model year sprayer buyers will benefit from a list of enhancements designed to simplify operation, enhance durability and take precision application to the next level.

Standard Apache spray booms now feature leak-proof, quick-service Banjo boom manifold fittings, Hypro nozzle bodies and optional stainless steel boom plumbing. Apache’s 90- and 100-foot booms have also been re-engineered to provide increased structural strength, making them ideal for rough field conditions.

For larger operators needing to cover more acres in less time, Apache has added a factory-installed 100-foot Pommier aluminum boom option to the lineup of 120 and 132 Pommiers, providing a lightweight alternative and more configuration flexibility.

In-cab sprayer diagnostics are more user-friendly and intuitive. The in-cab display now features a smart diagnostics module that allows the operator to easily diagnose and troubleshoot all key machine systems, including engine and transmission controllers, joystick, display and more, reducing down-time and potential service costs for the operator.

For those looking for state-of-the-art precision performance, the optional new Raven Hawkeye Application Control System provides precision application, including optional nozzle-bynozzle on/off control based on gps and field maps. A new turn compensation feature reduces over- and under-application of product through turns by maintaining precise application rates based on the amount of area covered by each part of the boom.

A new optional direct chemical injection system allows operators to mix concentrated chemicals in-line, reducing chemical waste and making tank rinse-out faster and easier.

Operators with Apache 30-Series 1000- and 1200-gallon sprayers (Tier 4 Final) will experience a smoother ride at both application and road speeds with ZF transmission tuning refinements designed to provide precision transmission shifting.

Finally, adjust-on-the-go machines with adjustable axles now feature improved accessibility from the newly designed ladder. 

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