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Auctioneer's Corner: Joel's Tractors & Auction, LLC

10 Sep 2023

imageFarm equipment and farmland auctions have been gaining popularity over the last decade for both buying and selling. Today we will introduce you to Joel’s Tractors & Auction, LLC located in Strawberry Point, Iowa. Owner Joel Everitt sticks to time honored values that continue to bring his sellers success in the auction ring.

Farmers Hot Line: Let’s say I’m a bidder that is not familiar with your company, tell me about yourself.

Joel Everitt: Our family run business started in 1959 and we have had auctions since 1980. We’ve stuck to our family values and try to help our customers in every way. Our old fashioned values have kept our commission low. We still have totally free loading and unloading and we have refused to implement new money grabs like buyers premiums.

imageOur auction and sales staff is top notch with a lifetime of experience and are happy to assist everyone whether it be for daily sales off our lots, or for onsite or offsite auctions.

Online auctions vs. In-person bidding—thoughts?

We pride ourselves on our on-site, in-person sales. We have a sale day tractor ride and drive policy that online auctions simply cannot offer. We want happy customers that can see every problem with an item in person. It tells a story that a picture simply cannot. Though online sales are convenient, we’ve heard a lot of horror stories that couldn’t have happened at our live auctions.

What were your “Top 5” popular pieces of equipment last quarter?

Tractors, Discbines, Grain Drills, Grinder Mixers, and Skidloaders

Do you see any trends in the type of equipment be auctioned/bought?

The bigger grain related items are definitely taking a hit. Prices are going down on combines, big planters, and tillage. Livestock equipment is on the rebound.

What is the highest priced item auctioned in the last quarter?

John Deere 8220 Tractor for $78,500

What is the highest count of one type of equipment in your auctions recently?

108 Wagons on our upcoming September auction

imageIf you could give someone attending an auction one tip what would it be?

If you find something you like, take it for a test drive before the sale, then you’ll have no surprises.

What do you see as the “up & coming” type of equipment?

The older, well taken care of stuff would be it. It’s easier and cheaper to work on and maintain. The newer stuff is built cheaply and impossible to fix or repair on your own.

How big of a roll does time-of-year play on sales? For example, Spring vs. Fall.

Typically fall prices are the lowest. If you’ve got the right piece of equipment try to market it in late winter or early spring.

Any big upcoming auctions?

Yes! On November 20th we will hold our last consignment auction for the year.

imageAnything else you would like to add?

With a possible downturn in used equipment, don’t get caught up in certain “RECORD” prices as reported by certain television or computer “analysts.” They like to report the records but have no idea what the normal used everyday prices you can expect are.

For more information about our upcoming auctions and services give us a call at (563) 933-4188 or browse over our website at


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