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Back When: 1952 Ford 8N

10 Sep 2023
Lawrence Duesman of Fletcher, Oklahoma, is pretty stuck on Ford tractors. He has restored ten antique tractors and eight of them were 8N models and the others were a Jubilee and a 641 Workmaster.
When he reconditioned this 8N, Lawrence also wanted it to be different than a normal restoration of an antique tractor. He gave new meaning to the 8 in 8N when he decided to convert the 8N to a V8 by installing a Ford V8 flathead automobile engine.
When he purchased the 8N, it was in fair condition but still needed a lot of work. During the restoration, Lawrence replaced the hood, grille, and fenders with new ones rather than repair the damaged originals. Taking one step at a time, Lawrence diligently replaced all of the seals and fixed any leaks in the transmission, rear differential, 
etc. Items like gauges, decals, and other small details were repaired or replaced; and the 8N was completely repainted in the original Ford colors that were true to this model. The 8N came from the factory with a four-cylinder gas engine, so finding room for four more cylinders in the tractor’s frame required some modifications to make everything fit and look like it belonged there.
Lawrence is a member of the Poor Boys Antique Tractor Association in Fletcher, Oklahoma. The 8N-V8 won the Best of Show award at the club’s annual event in September of 2012.


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