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BouMatic’s Patented Flo-Star MAX Provides Maximum Performance, Fast Milkout

10 Sep 2023

imageThe Flo-Star MAX has top-unloading action from a bottom-unloading claw. The Flo-Star MAX's unique hooded outlet sump causes an emptying action similar to what is found with top-unloading claws. The X-crossed inlets cause milk to flow down the walls of the claw and into the sloped bottom half, which directs the milk to the out-let area. The hooded outlet results in little pooling of milk in the claw, which is common with barrel type claws. The Flo-Star MAX is constructed with the latest dairy approved engineered resins.

One of the most admired qualities of the new Flo-Star MAX is its “cow fit.” The Flo-Star MAX's unique design allows it to fit your high and low producers - wide udders, narrow udders, short or long udders are easily milked with the Flo-Star MAX.

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