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Business Profile: CL Fabrication

10 Sep 2023

Maintaining your crop or pasture land is an important process in successful and profitable farming. Trees, stumps, and rocks can wreak havoc on both your equipment and livestock. As a busy farmer, you don’t have time to do things the old-fashion way—gone are the old days of manual labor. You need a tool designed with the strength to stand up to those tough jobs you can’t do alone. You need the precision built, quality attachments by CL Fabrication - equipment that does the work for you. The quicker your fields and pastures are in order, the quicker you will see a profit.


Removing trees, stumps, posts, or rocks can take a great deal of time and effort. CL Fabrication’s Tree Pullers and Grapples can get the job done. The Tree Puller is available in two designs: the EZ Puller X-1 for moderate jobs and the EZ Puller XL-Pro for the most demanding jobs.

The EZ Puller X-1 model offers a high strength construction. The jaws are made of ¾” thick, G50 high strength steel and open 16” to allow you to easily grasp large objects. The X-1 model is designed to pull trees and posts, or for digging underground.

Need something with even more strength? The XL-Pro model is for you. The patent pending design gives you a 34” opening for multi-purpose jobs from up-rooting trees and pulling posts to moving rocks and digging up stumps. The abrasive resistant, 1" thick, AR400 steel jaws give it a nearly four times the tensile strength of A36 steel and 40 percent stronger than T1 steel.

The EZ Pullers can be used on skid steers, loaders, 3-point tractor hitches, or custom fit options are available. Both models also feature heavy guards to protect the hydraulic cylinders. This is important to your attachments longevity. CL Fabrication takes protection a step further by adding cab guards to help protect you and your equipment.


Do you want take your large jobs to the next level and save yourself time and money while doing it? The CL Fabrication Grapple/Guard can do this for you.

Shipped free with your tree puller, the Grapple/Guard is a combination of our hydraulic grapple and cab guard. Not only will it help protect you and your equipment, it offers a grapple function. The dual 2.5" bore hydraulic cylinders give you a substantial amount of power to clamp and hold large piles of brush and heavy limbs. With just the push of a button, you can switch from the tree puller to the grapple function without having to change attachments.


CL Fabrication believes in their products. With every purchase you receive a 30-day guarantee on the attachment. If it does not stand up to your workload you can return the product for your money back. It’s That Simple!


CL Fabrication produces an array of skid steer and loader attachments that include tree pullers, grapples, rock buckets, bale spears, and pallet forks. CL Fabrication achieves a superior product by using the latest CNC equipment and 3D CAD for the highest level of precision in their design capabilities. All attachments have a durable, clean, great looking finish by being abrasively blasted and powder coated.

Their team of qualified welders and a talented leading engineer are able to bring these products to life. Curtis, owner and engineer, has more than 35 years of experience in the fabrication and manufacturing industry. When you combine their knowledge and experience with precision design, cutting, and durable powder coating equipment, you are guaranteed a product that will meet your needs!

Learn more at or call 712.542.5500.


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