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Business Profile: Emerson Manufacturing

10 Sep 2023

You never know where or when you’ll need to change a tire. No matter the challenging conditions or the size of the vehicle you’re operating, Emerson Manufacturing Corporation has a jack or lift to help you minimize downtime.

Emerson is a family-owned and operated company that has been designing, building, and selling professional maintenance shop service equipment since 1960. Company founder and owner Fran Voss had a jack-repair business in high school and later started a company to build the bumper jacks he was designing for

cars. In a few short years, Emerson changed its focus to fill a need in the market. “We decided to specialize in jacks for trucks and heavy equipment because equipment was getting so much bigger,” Voss says.

As Emerson expanded and needed more space, the company moved its headquarters from Emerson, Nebraska, to Pender, Nebraska, in 2004, where it continues to sell its American-made products directly from its factory. Besides its air-operated and air/ hydraulic jacks—which feature lift capacities from 14,000 to 60,000 lbs.—the company also sells portable ramps, stands, safety locks, brake drum caddies, and pressurized fluid transfer systems for handling waste antifreeze and oil.

Voss says selling directly to customers has challenged the company to continuously improve its products. “We learn so much from the people using the equipment. That’s the best way to find out what our customers need,” he says. “Listening to feedback is so important. That’s where our improvements come from.” 

Selling direct also trims costs, which allows Emerson to charge less than many competitors for its well-engineered and durable products. “We give a lot more at less cost,” Voss says. “Our jacks probably have the longest lifespans of any out there.” Emerson backs up its products by offering longer warranties than is standard, from two to five years.

Emerson is also known for its innovative designs, such as the industry’s only removable cylinder sleeve on its axle jacks. “If people buy our jacks once, we tend to have a customer for life,” he says. “Also, our safety record is tremendous. That means our equipment is doing what it’s supposed to do.”

The newest product in the Emerson lineup is the SC-60, a twin cylinder air-over-hydraulic lift with a 60,000-lb. lift capacity. Primarily designed for the truck, heavy construction, and agriculture markets, the SC-60 features a 16 1/4-in. starting height and can reach up to 90 1/2 in. with a combination of the optional lift bars and the 8-in. stroke.

In addition to manufacturing, the company also sells parts and services its equipment. 

For more information about Emerson’s products, visit or call (800) 633-5124.


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