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Business Profile: Thunder Creek Equipment - Efficiency In The Field

10 Sep 2023

imageIt’s been several years since Thunder Creek Equipment, the original innovator of square-by-design fuel trailers, launched their first trailer. Since then the company has consistently rolled out new, innovative products that make servicing equipment in the field much more efficient.

Owners across the country are discovering that these trailers deliver more than just fuel - they deliver real value to an operation’s bottom line.

“This is the best small equipment investment I’ve made for our operation,” says Randy B. from Minnesota. “The biggest thing is time savings. We can take it out, fill all our equipment, and we’re good for the day.”

A few states to the south and east, Frank and Connie Ruppert from Southern Illinois are also enjoying the time saved with their Thunder Creek trailer.

Before they got their trailer, Connie would haul fuel in a 100-gallon tank in the truck bed, making several trips a day. Now she is able to plan a route and make just one trip. This has eliminated 35 miles of driving each day.

Randy C. from Pennsylvania agrees. He says, “Saves you a ton of time, and time is money.”

For others, the value comes from the ability to service equipment right in the field, significantly reducing equipment downtime.

Join the thousands of farmers who rely on Thunder Creek to make the most of their field time. With solutions for fuel, diesel exhaust fluid, tools and parts, you can be ready with the only solution you need to maintain your machinery in minutes.Ryan A. from Illinois says “In this day and age it’s about efficiency and time. With this trailer, everything we need is right there.”

How the Savings Add Up

What could the savings be for your operation? Most customers agree that their Thunder Creek trailer allows them to easily cut at least an hour of downtime each day in the field.

For example, take an operation with 2000 acres who can average 12 acres per hour. They’ll need 167 hours to harvest it all. Assuming they can get eight good hours of threshing a day, it will take just over 20 days.

With saving an hour each day, that over 20 hours – or two and half days – that can be gained when the window to get the crops out of the field is tight.

See how the savings can add up for you at

The Thunder Creek Difference

On Road 

Thunder Creek’s low-profile fuel and service trailers tow safely – and legally – at highway speeds.

Sure, there are others out there that look similar, but the distinction is what’s inside. Multiple baffles span the full tank making for a trailer that moves with you, not against you.

Brian L. from Illinois fills his equipment with both fuel and DEF. He says his trailer, “Saves us two hours a day. With a 20 day window last spring, that is 40 hours I saved. Time turns into bushels.”Off Road

Because the end of the road is only halfway there.

Fields, ditches, waterways, terraces… Thunder Creek trailers are built for continual use in rough terrain. Every detail is designed with this in mind. With more ground clearance, torsion axles, and a custom built frame, you won’t find a trailer that’s tougher.


Thunder Creek trailers delivery everything you need to maintain your machinery in minutes. With a wide variety of configurations, you can outfit yours with diesel, DEF, lubricants as well as tools and parts to maximize your field time and get more done.


Just because it looks like Thunder Creek, doesn’t mean it is. Only Thunder Creek’s fuel and service trailers and DEF delivery solutions are expertly engineered by a team of passionate craftsmen. They build each trailer from the ground up so it will work just as hard as you do.

Photo Credit: Photos Courtesy of Brian L. from Illinois


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