Check out the newest technology of Tree Shears, Saws and Brush Rakes from Weber Manufacturing

10 Sep 2023

mainThe M&M Hydra-Clip 16" tree shear by Weber Manufacturing is by far the fastest and safest way to clear trees from your land. With it's at and below ground level cutting and the integrated spray system it will make wide open pasture out of the densest forest. You no longer have to worry about falling a tree on the skid steer or your neighbor's fence. No worries about falling a tree in the road or in a creek or a power line or even on a building because you control the tree 100% from the time you cut it until the time you lay it down. You can even cut multiple trees before you lay them down. No need for a high flow hydraulics on your skid steer because the shear works on standard flow hydraulics. Stacking your brush piles become much more effective because you lay the trees like tooth picks in a box so the pile burns much better and faster. Watch this machine work at or call Weber Manufacturing at 620-251-8500 for more information.



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