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Clean and Transfer Diesel Fuel with the Fleet Tank Sweeper - From IPA

10 Sep 2023

Fleet Tank Sweeper from IPA

Clean and Transfer Diesel Fuel with the Fleet Tank Sweeper® From IPA®

The lightweight and portable filtration systemremoves bio-contaminants, dirt, water, algae and sludge from tank applications including trucks, tractors and 55 gallon drums.

Woodstock, NY (March 2013) – Innovative Products of America®, Incorporated announces a lightweight and portable filtration system, the Fleet Tank Sweeper®, for tank applications including trucks, tractors and 55 gallon drums. Extend the life of your diesel fuel system by thoroughly cleaning the tank without the hassle of removing it from the vehicle.

TheFleet Tank Sweeper® (Part #9049M) maximizes output pressure to loosen sludge from tank walls and bottoms. Additionally, it can be used to blend fuel with bio and other fuel additives as well as transfer fuel.

The uniquely designed, patent pendingFleet Tank Sweeper® includes: flexible intake and output wands, water blocking filter with clear sight glass, hoses and quick disconnect fittings. Steel welded frame, made and assembled in the USA.

As a preventative maintenance tool, the Fleet Tank Sweeper® helps to prevent truck fuel filter clogging, injector wear, poor fuel mileage and power loss.

The 9049M Fleet Tank Sweeper® as well as a whole line of fuel transfer and filtration systems are available from IPA®. For more information on the 9049M and the rest of the fuel management line,please visit

IPT Tank Sweeper

About Innovative Products of America®, Inc.

Innovative Products of America Incorporated (IPA®) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer andDistributor.IPA® sells through traditional three-step distribution servingthe Automotive and Industrial Markets as well as designing andmanufacturingexclusive products for O.E.M. accounts. Peter Vinci, founder and president, is known throughout the industry for providing innovation, exceptional quality and service for over 20 years. For more information, visit


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